Who’s there? Come in. Pour yourself a glass of wine and sit down. We just started!

In General Information on October 20, 2010 at 5:40 pm

Welcome to Phyne Dyning, where regular folk gather to learn about food and share food experiences. Come on in, grab a glass of wine, and put your elbows on the table.

What is all this about?

It is about learning that being a foodie has little in common with television chefs who mew incomprehensible gibberish to convince us to pay $50 per plate for paper thin Kobe beef served alongside two stalks of asparagus. It is about learning what most of us know about box wines: they are cheap, they are good, and they have a lot in common with hiring an escort…both promise big fun while you pray nobody sees you make the purchase.

I’ve been an amateur chef for almost forty years. Some people can sing and some people can dance. I can do neither. I have a sense of vocal tone on par with a rabid cat and all of the natural rhythm of a bar mitzvah boy. But…I can cook.

Family and friends have been begging me to cook for them for years. I get more of a rush from watching the eyes of my dinner guests than Chef Ramsey gets when Michelin awards him another star.

And I do it with elegant food for everyday people. My meals are either a fusion of cultures, or an around the world journey with someone like uber-Bohemian Katie Brown, of PBS’s “Katie Brown Workshop”.

I will give you a minute to throw a silk scarf over that dented lampshade to set the mood.

But this is not a place where you will learn a new recipe using condensed cream of mushroom soup, dried onions, and green beans. Given my allegiances to my particular invisible friend who has an “ineffable” name, you will not find trieyfe here either.

If you stick around, and I hope you will, your time here will be spent learning about classic meals from around the Mediterranean and points east. We will blend everything from Southeast Asia and Jerusalem to Moscow and Turkey.

Got a favorite kitchen gadget? Remember “Show and Tell”? Why is it important that a veggie dice be uniform? Why do mushroom vendors leave those inedible stems on shitakes? (For some Freudian reason, I always slip a “c” into “shitake”.)

Got a favorite wine? “That’s nice, sweetie. Be a jewel and pour me another glass.”

Our edible journey will take us to farmer’s markets. We will buy the vegetable that looks like a carnivorous plant, subdue it, and eat it. We will grow, harvest, dry, and use our own herbs. We can even take the urban farmer concept further, to pots of eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and onions.

We will serve our creations on 150 year-old heirloom plates, paper plates, wrapped in leaves, or eat it communally out of a bowl with our hands.

We’re going to have one heck of a lot of fun.

Let’s eat!

  1. Very exciting! I just subscribed!

  2. Welcome aboard, Georgie! Stay with us while we go through some growing pains. Photos and other fun stuff are coming!

  3. So excited to see your blog! I’m going to try the soup…maybe tonight!

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