What to do with leftover broth and drippings.

In Tips and Hints on October 22, 2010 at 11:26 am

You do WHAT?

The turkey is a memory and the roast merely lingers as a scent in the air. What do you do with leftover broth, fat, and drippings?


Buy several ice-cube trays. Pour broths into them and freeze it into cubes. Remove the cubes and store them in zip-bags in the freezer. Use them instead of buying (BLECH!) canned broth. Drippings and fat can be similarly stored if the tray is lined with food wrap (it takes a bit of time) or if it is poured into small containers before being put in the freezer to set up. Use the blocks of fat or drippings for quick gravies or roux.

Next tip…substitute those toaster shakings for croutons.

Just kidding!

  1. Martha Stewart move over! Yoni’s in town!

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