Variations on an (eggplant) theme

In Tips and Hints on November 1, 2010 at 4:27 pm


"What will the Phyne Dyner come up with next?"

The Phyne Dyner no sooner published a fried eggplant recipe when the bumper-crop had another batch sizzling in the skillet.


Rather than doing an eggplant redux, the Phyne Dyner will simply issue an update.  Ready?

Wait for it!

Substitute a can of fried onions, those things that adorn those gack-awful cream-of-mushroom soup and green bean concoctions, for the panko, cracker crumbs, or matzoh coating.  Just open the can into a zip-close bag, seal it, and beat the stuffing out of it with a rolling pin or tenderizing mallet.  Do not beat the onions to a powder, the bigger pieces add crunch to the dish.  Omit the herb sprinkles and enjoy the sweet fried onion flavor…this is especially welcome if you get a batch of eggplant that is bitter, despite your careful salt-sweating it.

Until now, a coating of dry falafel mix was my “first runner-up” to panko.

While we’re on the topic of falafel coatings!  My adult ADHD kicked in.

Try coating chicken quarters with dry falafel mix.  Dip the chicken in a slightly beaten egg and then press it into a plate full of dry falafel mix.  Bake at 400 degrees on each side for 20-30 minutes.  You’ll get chicken pieces so crunchy and tasty, a whole army of colonels will surrender to its flavour.


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