Merry Christmas to our readers!

In Editorial on December 23, 2010 at 8:40 pm


It's really is.



The other day, “Mrs. Phyne Dyner” came home with an unusual pin.


“It’s OK. Wish Me A Merry Christmas”


“Hey, that’s cute”, was my first response.  I’ve had a few days to think about it now.


It is okay to wish me a “Merry Christmas”.  It’s not as though the greeting says, “Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior!”  I don’t smell the pitch-fires of the Inquisition when someone extends “Merry Christmas”.


I hear, “Have a safe and healthy day with your family and I wish the best for your future. Peace on Earth and goodwill towards men”.


What could possibly be wrong with wishing for peace or goodwill?


Phyne Dyner’s annual cycle can be drawn from the movies he watches.


In the spring, “Shindler’s List” gets a viewing.  In the fall, it’s “Liberty Heights.  In January, “The Pianist” gets play. ” At Hanukkah, “The Hebrew Hammer” comes alive.  And every Christmas, one disk from the “Band of Brothers” collection gets an annual reprise: “Bastogne”.


We relive, through the eyes of the storyteller, the cold, the misery, the hunger, the fear and the desperation those soldiers felt in a Christmas season of their day.  War took a holiday for a few hours.  Then, both sides resumed the carnage.


For two hours, I live vicariously through the men of Easy Company.  I feel the cold, but I can only vaguely feel the hopelessness and terror.


I have warm boots.


When someone wishes me “Merry Christmas” I believe they are conveying their sincere wishes that the hardship experienced by those men, nearly seventy years ago, would not visit upon another generation.


How could I possibly be offended?

  1. So, so true. I don’t know WHY it has become politically incorrect to wish someone a Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings have replaced it. Hey….it’s CHRISTMAS!! It’s okay to say it! Great post!!

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