A (very) little humor

In Lifestyle on December 27, 2010 at 9:48 am


There was little shock when this Wink, Texas roadhouse went out of business



[Editor’s Note: The Phyne Dyner has a history of being “a day late and a shekel short”.  This story would have been a bit better LAST week.  On the other hand, it is just too good to keep until next year.]

For many years a Jew from Eastern Europe and a Chinese immigrant passed each other on their busy NYC street.  They never spoke until one day, when both men were quite elderly, the Chinese gentleman stopped the old Jew with a tug on his sleeve.

“Excuse me”, asked the Chinese man in a halting voice, “you are Jewish?”

The old Jew nodded, “Yes, that is correct.”  His eyes twinkling in friendly recognition of his aged fellow pedestrian.

“You are from an ancient and honorable people, thought to date from 3,500 years ago”, observed the Chinese man.  “I, too, am from an ancient and honorable people.  But we are thought to date from only 3,000 years ago.  Because of this, I have long had a question I wished to ask a Jewish person.”

The old Jew rubbed his beard thoughtfully and then said with pride, “By all means, ask your question.  We Jews are encouraged to tell others about our customs and heritage.  Please ask!”

The grizzled old Chinese man nodded, leaned forward, and asked, “What did you eat for the first 500 years?”


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