It’s New Year…time for resolutions

In Editorial on December 30, 2010 at 1:40 pm

Let the "fun" begin!

The (civil) New Year is almost upon us and that means its time for resolutions.  High on the list for most Americans is the desire to lose weight and to live healthier.

The Phyne Dyner joins them in their desire and will make a reprise effort after a bad fall sidelined him from his own fitness program.  Although the injuries should not have affected his devotion to healthy eating, it did.  Sloth begat over-indulgence and the result was a thirty-pound weight gain.

I was hardly “svelte” at two hundred and twenty-five pounds.  But I was bench-pressing my weight and was competitive in desert biathlons.  And, my suits fit quite well.

One does not accomplish such feats by eating plates of pelmeni, although I heartily recommend them in moderation.  You do not gain fitness by tossing back glasses (albeit small ones) of vodka in imitation of Boris Yeltsin.

The fitness feat can only be accomplished by building sweat equity in your health and by exercising due diligence to the healthy lifestyle.

A frequent winner in his age class in my sport of desert biathlon is a 68 year-old former Marine (GySgt).  Despite his struggle with rheumatoid arthritis, “Gunny” runs five miles every morning, rain or (more likely) 120-degree West Texas heat.  He “beats up” his free-weights every other day.  He limits his consumption of “adult beverages” to a single beer a day, drunk in celebration of his daily fitness successes.

My dearest friend, also a Marine (and closing in on age 50), sidelined from his own fitness program after being diagnosed with severe aortic valve disease.  Two years after a successful valve replacement, he returned to his former level of fitness, pumping iron every other day and running seven miles.

If they can do it, I can do it…again.

Phyne Dyning came about through the “foodie” craze sweeping America and there is no reason “foodie” needs be a synonym for food hedonism.

Look for more recipes and tips from Phyne Dyning that concur with admonishments to “Eat like your life depends on it”.

With our best wishes for a safe, healthy, and prosperous 2011,

The Phyne Dyner


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