Fifteen minutes of fame

In Lifestyle on January 4, 2011 at 12:52 pm

Has the "foodie" fallen on his own knife?

The Phyne Dyner hopes the current fascination with good food does not go the way of the CB-radio fad of the 1970s.  An article published in the Des Moines Register seems to be the harbinger of death for all things “food”.  In fact there is a growing amount of back pressure against foodies.

Exhibit One: The Des Moines Register’s coverage of a hopeful “worst cook”…

If that is not bad enough, here is a teaser for what is leading the push to banish foodies:

“A few weeks after Jessie Oloroso’s Black Dog Gelato opened on Damen Avenue last summer, lines were still out the door. A woman reached the front and asked the ice cream scooper if Black Dog uses corn syrup in its gelato. The server said yes, but only for texture, and it wasn’t high-fructose — but before the server could finish, the woman turned around and announced to the people standing behind her: “They don’t even use real sugar in here!” Then she stormed out.

“Do I use real sugar?” Oloroso said later. “I do. I also use granulated sugar. I use a lot of things. And I know the difference, but do some of these people? I doubt it. I don’t think it’s a bad thing when people begin asking food producers to claim some accountability in their food. But this is going a little far.”

Exhibit Two: The Chicago Tribune’s call for calm among foodies…,0,3814934,full.story

And now, a new word has been coined to express disdain for overwrought, pretentious foodies:  “foochebag”.

Both links are great reads.

And…thanks for reading the Phyne Dyner!


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