Pesce Pesto, Pronto

In Recipies on February 10, 2011 at 2:30 pm


And you thought it was only good for toothpaste pranks!



Pesce Pesto Pronto over Whole Wheat Angel Hair Pasta


“Pesce” means “fish” in Italian.


Sit down.  Sit down.  We’re not making fish pesto.


The recipe I use calls for anchovies.  (Sit down.  Sit down.)  We just used some in the Coastal Normandy Vegetable recipe.  You wondered, “How will I ever use any more anchovy paste?”


This pesto is wonderful when tossed with whole-wheat angel hair.  I prefer whole-wheat pastas because I like any pasta cooked a bit al dente. If I get distracted when making regular pasta, it tends to get overcooked and slimy.  Yuck!


Yes, the Phyne Dyner is not perfect.  Sometimes I goof up and overcook things.


Of course, all fresh ingredients may be used.  But when you’re standing in the middle of the kitchen pondering what to make for supper after getting home from one of your two (or three) part-time jobs, the stuff in the cabinet fits the bill and still makes a pretty nice presentation.


½ tsp garlic powder

2 TBS dried parsley

½ tsp dried oregano

¼ tsp dried thyme

½ tsp dried basil

¼ C ground Romano cheese

½ C panko (bread crumbs) ¼ C reserved

2 TBS olive oil

1 tsp anchovy paste or minced anchovy fillets

Red pepper flakes

Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


(Whole Wheat) Angel Hair pasta for four – cooked per package instructions.


Quartered cherry tomatoes and green onion tops for garnish (if desired).


Mix all ingredients in a bowl, except for reserved panko and pepper flakes.  Mix thoroughly.  Toss the pesto with the hot pasta.  When thoroughly mixed, sprinkle remaining panko on top, sprinkle a pinch of red pepper flakes on top, and garnish with cherry tomato quarters and green onion tops (if desired).


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