Oh, dry up

In Tips and Hints on March 28, 2011 at 4:38 pm


The Phyne Dyner told you to buy WHAT?



In my last post, encouraging you to take up herbal gardening, I recommended using a dehydrator to dry your crop for storage.  Your dehydrator has other uses too.

Got too many onions, carrots, or peppers to eat before they lose freshness?

Prepare and dehydrate them.

Make your own onion powder or flakes by grinding the dried product in a blender or coffee mill.  I had an extra five pounds of garlic that a neighbor gave me in trade for some of my dried herbs.  I just peeled, sliced and dried it and then ground it to powder.  Last fall, I took advantage of a “mushroom sale” by buying fifteen pounds of button mushrooms.  I sliced them up and dried them.  Stored in a big jug, they will keep almost indefinitely.

Dried carrots and peppers are great in soups.  We make our own hiking foods by packaging dried veggies with powdered soup mix and sealing it in pouches.

If you buy a dehydrator, the instructions will provide you with ideas how you can pay for the purchase by drying food for later use.  I put my old collection of Foxfire Magazines to use by researching some dehydrating ideas there.

The current price of food suddenly made my semi-hippie life experiences and collections valuable!

Adventure a bit with “raw” foods by drying veggie chips, fruit, and your own fruit roll-ups.

Feeling adventurous?  Make your own jerky.  Before doing so, be SURE your dehydrator reaches an adequate temperature needed to inhibit bacterial growth AND use the correct amount of “preservative” recommended by the dehydrator manufacturer…food poisoning will cost more to treat than a few bags of store-bought jerky.

You can find a lot of ways to use a dehydrator between herb crops.


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