Thank you!

In General Information on April 12, 2011 at 3:33 pm

We’ve gotten nearly 80 very kind emails from Phyne Dyning readers expressing their best wishes for Jack.  There just isn’t time to answer each one individually, so I’ll answer the most common questions many of you are raising about the future of Phyne Dyning.

Yes, I am still working on the one-pot Shabbat cookbook.  Thank you for asking.

The blog is a lot of work and, even though I find it fun to put together every week, my current situation does not give me time to work up articles and publish recipes.

No, the comments have not been disabled.  All comments are held in que for moderation.  I just don’t have much time to moderate right now.  Same with email comments.  I’ve been keeping your email in a file and was planning to run a feature answering your questions and addressing your comments.  Alas, that project will have to wait.

Yes, Phyne Dyning will return in a matter of weeks.  Quite frankly, I did not realize how much some of you enjoy my swill-filled writing…I’m shocked and humbled to find that I have a “following”.

We were getting 100-350 page views per day prior to going on brief hiatus.  I’m sure that will fall to near zero unless new material gets added periodically.  I will be putting up a few articles I had “canned”, albeit some of them are not food-related.

And yes, Jack appreciates your kind thoughts too.  He’s not in pain, he’s just very tired.  He still perks up when the cookies come out (They come out pretty frequently now.).

Thanks for (caring) reading!

  1. I realize you may not read this until Jack has gone on to be with Adam and the others who were very blessed to be in your care. I’d still like to say that my heart is heavy. The devotion you both show to your babies not only everyday but especially in Jack’s last days is completely selfless. I believe to be truly happy we must share our love with God and with others on this earth. Many people share their love with their spouse and children. I like to believe that God gave dogs to those of us who weren’t meant to be parents. I don’t think my husband and I could love a child anymore than we love our dogs. They are our babies. We would move heaven and earth for them. We celebrate their birthdays. When they finally figure out how to go up and down stairs we are excited. We saved baby teeth. When they are sick we worry. When they are hurt we hurt. (And I tend to panic.) When my husband and I came close to losing our oldest we cried and prayed and told the doctors to do whatever was necessary no matter the cost. We knew we would never be the same if she didn’t come home. Once we were certain she was going to be ok we cried tears of relief and prayed prayers of thanks. Would a parent feel any differently if this had been their child? Most people do not understand this bond between dogs and their owners. Many think it’s silly or even stupid. To those people I simply say that dogs are God’s creatures. They love. They hurt. They get scared. If the unconditional love we share with our dogs makes our life happier that’s all that matters. If others don’t understand that’s their loss.

    Our thoughts are with you. You are incredible people.

  2. Thank you for your kind understanding. At this writing, Jack is still doing well. We sincerely believe he still enjoys life with us; but that can change now within hours to days.

    I think most people do understand and sympathize at the loss of a pet. If they seem not to understand, it may be that they are simply uncomfortable (or unfamiliar) with death issues. As such, what I may perceive to be indifference (or even disdain) may be a protection mechanism or (more likely) they simply do not know what to say. Everyone relates to death (and impending death) issues differently.

    Thanks for reading.

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