He ain’t heavy…

In Lifestyle on June 1, 2011 at 10:42 pm

"Jack's Taxi"

So many in the Phyne Dyning family have sent kind words of understanding about my old friend “Jack’s” condition and care that I wanted to take time to publish an update.

Jack is hanging in there.  His eyes are bright and he is happy to greet us in the morning when we get up.  The bad news is, he is beginning to have some mobility issues with a front leg.  It seems to come and go.  When he is at his best he still trots a bit, though he gets winded quite easily.  When he is having a tough day, he limps about like the Elephant Man.  He continues to eat well and gets excited when the treats come out.  We are enjoying every good day with him and we are doing what we can to ease his way on the bad ones.

Jack still wears his “Chief of Ranch Security” hat.  He hobbles around the fence line sniffing and examining each blade of grass.  Only when he is satisfied that the homestead is safely secured, will he wobble down to the bottom of the steps and wait.  He waits without apprehension because he has perfect trust in my taxi skills.

He knows I take my duties seriously.

As soon as my arms are secure underneath him (he prefers that I carry him with one arm under his belly), he relaxes into my arms and turns his head to look up the stairs to say, “Let’s go.”  On the way up he looks around to make sure I am tracking straight up the steps until I gently set him down, taking care to make sure his feet are well under him before letting him bear weight.  Then, it is inside for a treat and a drink…and maybe to surf the dining room table for nibbles.

In the back of my mind, I am 100% certain he would do it for me.  Dogs are just that way.

Thanks for (caring) reading.


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