What I’m Drinking

In Recipies on June 5, 2011 at 11:19 pm


Summer is upon us…finally.  To my liking, 95-degrees is more like a warm, Spring day.  Summer is my favorite season.  After living in the pizza oven that is West Texas, I seldom get the opportunity to feel truly warm now that I am living in exile in Iowa…America’s Ukraine.

Sorry, but I take a bit of perverse pleasure in watching fair-skinned, Nordo-Teutonic Iowans as they mop rivers of sweat from wrinkled foreheads when the temperature breaks eighty-five.  Not being entirely unsympathetic to their plight, I will offer up a bit of relief.  And, while the rest of the Foodieverse goes ga-ga over ordinary mushrooms that undergo a marketing transformation to “crimini” mushrooms on an over-priced menu, we enjoy this uber-Bohemian beverage with no pretense whatsoever.

One of our favorite summer pleasures is a humble beverage concocted of the cheapest chardonnay one can find in a box.  Add some ice and a bit of Italian fruit syrup, and enjoy a simple treat that is light on the pocketbook and not highly intoxicating.  On a truly hot summer weekend, we make a couple of pitchers of this concoction to last through a lazy afternoon in the sun.  While alcohol tends to dehydrate, its content in this drink is very low and does not leave you thirstier than when you started.


2 C cheap, boxed, white wine – chilled

4 C ice

1/4 to 1/2 C Italian soda fruit syrup (raspberry or strawberry is our favorite)

Toss all of the above into a blender and fire it up.  Blend until smooth.  You may have to tinker a bit with the ingredients by adding more wine or ice for the right consistency (it should be like a thin, frozen daiquiri).  Pour into your favorite Flintstones tumbler, lay back, and enjoy!  We store the mixture in our freezer while we enjoy our tumblers of it.  Some brands of syrup are a bit more concentrated than others, so you may want to start gently with your first batch or two.  The goal is to have a mild fruit flavor, not a cloying sweetness that leaves you thirstier than when you started.

Now, dig out that blender and chill out.


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