Todah rabah! (Thanks, a lot!)

In Shameless plug on June 14, 2011 at 2:52 pm

Phyne Dyning was picked up for a mention in the periodically published newsletter from Vision Clinic, PC.

I will be up front and say that the selection of my shakshukah recipe was not entirely objective.  Mrs. PD has enjoyed many years of employment at Vision Clinic and fills a role there as one of two opticians.  Still, it needs to be mentioned that the selection of a Phyne Dyning recipe had a bigger, accidental component after the doctors at Vision Clinic added a diagnostic modality for early detection of macular degeneration…the MPOD retinal pigment screening device.

During orientation with the new instrument at the clinic, each staffer played the role of a patient so they could experience how the MPOD works.

Mrs. PD blew the instrument out of the water.  The docs looked at her in amazement and asked about vitamin supplements she may be taking…none.  However, Mrs. PD lives exclusively on an Eastern Mediterranean diet rich in anti-oxidants, lutein, and other “stuff” eye doctors know to be beneficial for eye health.  Shakshukah contains a LOT of cumin, turmeric, and peppers…all are sources of anti-oxidants.  Shakshukah is only one example from a region rich in such flavors from spices like ginger and foods such as spinach!

So, “Todah rabah!” to Vision Clinic for the fine mention they gave Phyne Dyning.

Visit Vision Clinic,  PC at their Website:


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