“Zee pay-PAHs ah not in Oh-dah”

In Editorial on June 17, 2011 at 10:26 am

“Pay-pahs, bitte!”

Yesterday, fifteen agents of the state descended upon the Greyhound Bus Station in Des Moines.

Participants included the usual acronym-bedecked Gestapo, and one that must have flown under my radar…VIPR.

Visual Intermodal Protection and Response”, whatever that is?  I guess every paramilitary goon squad needs a really cool acronym to convey its diligence, fortitude, bravery, and ruthlessness.

I bet they have really, really cool shoulder patches to go with Wiley-X wrap-around shades, jump-boots, and BDU-styled trousers that add the needed storm-trooper touch to those ubiquitous polo shirts worn by today’s sturmschutzstaffle.

I know I am being an alarmist and a paranoid.  After all, no white Iowans were accosted and harassed.

The goon squad’s sole focus was on people with Hispanic features.

Actually, I will be relieved when targeted Hispanics are required to sew sombrero-shaped patches on the lower left sleeves of their outer garments.  It will mean that, like the goons of the last century, today’s goons will no longer rely on racial profiling.

The sombrero patch, like the six-pointed star, will be sufficient to convey the concept of untermenschen.

So, maybe the VIPR acronym works?

Vipers are venomous snakes…reptiles.

It works on so many levels.


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