Fourth of July brings musings

In Editorial on June 29, 2011 at 10:39 pm

Good News for an American Icon

Wow!  Monsanto Chemical Corporation’s third quarter profits are up by 77 percent.  Monsanto was a chief supplier of Agent Orange during America’s last war on terror against peasants in Vietnam, Republic of.

Thanks to the efforts of Monsanto, Dow Chemical, et al…our streets have been made safe from agrarian Southeast Asians and their marauding water buffaloes.

Agent Orange contained dioxin, a chemical version of plutonium that rendered Times Beach, Missouri unfit for human habitation on the order of Chernobyl.  It had a cousin, Agent Blue, that was targeted against food crops in Vietnam, forcing rural-to-urban migration of Vietnamese farmers into urban slums where they could be pacified in the name of corporate profits.

 Pork, Be Inspired

Animal rights activists at Mercy for Animals unveiled an undercover video shot at Iowa Select Farms operations in Kamrar, Iowa.  The firm supplies pork products to Costco and Hy-Vee “right here in Iowa”.

No mention has been made about the religious affiliations of the management at Iowa Select Farms, unlike those made about AgriProcessor operations in Postville, Iowa.

Now, for the record, the Phyne Dyner believes AgriProcessor honcho Sholom Rubashkin to be deserving of his prison sentence…and a complimentary ripping out of his own trachea.  However, I am mystified that the religious affiliations of Jewish violators gets assertion in the media, while those of gentile animal abusers remain safely hidden from view.

That said I have some reservations about the motives of Mercy for Animals, since the person filming the “abuses” reveals her agenda to convince people to give up eating meat.

Of course, I am equally mystified that some people will condone the use of dogs as “soldiers” in the Global War on Terror, but will condemn greyhound racing as a sport.

Dogs are regularly killed or injured in both pursuits.  However, the schmucks who overlook the suffering of involuntary dog soldiers when they are shot or blown to pieces simply because they do so “in the service of the empire” and not for “entertainment” need their heads examined.

The Phyne Dyner has participated in many branding and bull-calf cutting operations (directly, and not as a drugstore “professional” rodeo cowboy).  The animal rights extremists would demand a sterile operating suite and an on-duty anesthesiologist for every cut calf.

Ready to pay $75 per pound for hamburger?

These same extremists would demand that fishhooks and bobbers be made illegal.

The Benefits of Home Ownership

We libertarians have long understood the American status of property owners to be a façade.  When a property owner fails to pay his/her property taxes, the state (government entity) is self-authorized to seize the “owned” property in the name of the state.

 Therefore, even if you have a “deed of ownership” you still rent your property from the government.  Stop paying your property taxes and you will be evicted same as any other renter.

 Iowa goes one better!

It makes someone else the agent of the state.  In Iowa, anyone may pay your delinquent property taxes and thereby generate an effective lien against your property.

Seems fair enough.


…tax assessor’s office provides any number of useful links to names of people who owe back property taxes…as well as the names of the true owner(s) of homes claimed to have been sold or purchased without the transaction actually taking place.

Have a delightful Independence Day and, “Next year, may we all be free!”


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