Special Editorial: To all tenants

In Editorial on September 25, 2011 at 2:03 am

Renters…the lowest echelon of property occupants.  That is how “homeowners” regard those who pay the landlord.

They forget that they, too, are tenants.

“But I own my home!”


Try this on…

…stop paying your property taxes and see what happens.  Your home and land will be confiscated by the state and sold.  Fail to pay the fire protection district and their firemen will stand by and allow your home to burn to ashes.

The state is the essential owner of your property.

This is true whether or not you continue to dutifully make payments to the conglomerate banksters who live coat and hat with the state.

“But aren’t you libertarians in favor of ‘free markets’ and aren’t the banks part of a free market?”

Again, wrong.

A “free market” is a free market.  If a bank or industry manipulates or controls a market, it is no longer a truly free market.  “Free market” does not mean one industry or interest can control the market through aggression.  Despite their praises of the concept, not one recent politician supports truly free markets.

Despite their praises of democracy and free speech, not one politician or media outlet supports democratic voice and free speech.

I offer as an example…”Occupy Wall Street”.

Heard of it?  Probably not.

In America’s Ukraine (Iowa) most people are more concerned with whether or not Shawn Johnson will waddle and strut into some gymnastic event.  Not to be overly mean to mean-spirited Iowa, much of the country has not heard of the protest either.

Probably something to do with an orchestrated media blackout of the protest.

They are too busy to learn that peaceful protesters have been Tasered, Maced, herded, corralled, and beaten by the “heroic” NYPD.

Remember, these are the folks we just held an annual cry-fest for on 11 September.

And this is how we are repaid?

Protesters have had cameras confiscated.  People have been arrested for “wearing a mask (backward!) in public” (an 1845 law that was seldom enforced) and unarmed and noncombative women have been sprayed with police pepper spray.

Bystanders herded behind orange police mesh and sprayed with mace.

Cheered by the protests in Egypt and Libya, Americans have poured into New York’s streets.  Americans, after decades of torpor, have again found their voices.

After decades of selling out to advertising agencies, marketing gurus, and other charlatans they have decided “buying something” is less important than standing up for truth and economic justice.

Despite the intimidation attempts by the protectors of the monied elites (the police), the protest remains strong.  Despite an “accidental blackout” of protest news on Yahoo/AOL the protest grows stronger.

You do not own your home.  You rent.

We may make payments to the banksters…but they do not own our souls.

You do not rent your freedoms.  You own them!

Use them.

Phyne Dyning stands proudly with Occupy Wall Street!

"Heroic" NYPD officer arrests protester for asking a question.


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