After an “Arab Spring” expect an “American Fall”

In Editorial on October 11, 2011 at 12:40 pm

Occupy Wall Street finally made it to Iowa in the form of Occupy Iowa and/or Occupy Des Moines.  Given that Iowa is the preferred habitat for career politicians (Politicus perpetuanus) and their sycophantic media, the movement should garner some newspaper space.  Until recently, the corporate press dutifully ignored the movement.

I did get a bit of a chuckle when I read that one of the first measures protestors undertook after the first night of the Des Moines protest was to obtain permits to remain on the capitol complex.  In Iowa, the civilly disobedient politely ask permission of “de massah” before protesting.  Civil rights and anti-war protest veterans of decades ago must be laughing their tie-dyes off.

Speaking of chuckles…

…Senator Chuck Grassley doddered by a Des Moines Register reporter long enough to weigh in with a solon-like comment about Occupy Wall Street.  “It’s a bunch of unemployed kids out to get dates.”

Golly, Chuckles, they are unemployed…


Maybe it has something to do with what you’re doing (or not doing) inside the Beltway?  Or, is mocking the unemployed Chuck’s way to build rapport with young voters?

Chuck later ambled away, shaking his fist, railing at children to “Keep the hell off my grass!”

One of the Phyne Dyner’s dearest friends is in the thick of Occupy Iowa.

Law professor Sally Frank

Sally Frank, a Drake Law professor, stood by at the protest to give free legal advice to those arrested Sunday night.  Sally is a veteran of civil disobedience and urged those arrested to enter not guilty pleas and to demand trials.  One protestor was allegedly pepper-sprayed without justification and Frank sees 70-80 publicly tried cases as a mechanism to speak out against that kind of government oppression.

I would say, “You go, girl!”  But Sally is an ardent feminist and may de-friend me if I refer to her using “girl”.

At the root of the protest’s biggest beefs is outrage at the folks who actually run the United States.  You know, “Friends of Chuck Grassley”.  Wells-Fargo, Bank of America, American Express, Sallie-Mae Servicing, Goldman-Sachs and the rest of Chuckie’s BFFs.

And to be fair, they are also good pals of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosie.

I thought of the corporations (as “people”) as I worked on my truck with the peeling paint.  It is a Government Motors (nee General Motors) truck that shares a history of shedding paint with most other domestically produced vehicles built between 1987 and 1998.

Although GM was aware of the paint defect, the corporation denied there was a problem…despite hundreds of thousands of consumer complaints.  They did not think we would notice the peeling paint. [The wind peeled a one-foot square sheet of paint off of the hood of my truck as I drove down the interstate in Texas in 1998.]  With the bankruptcy of GM, the class-action suit over the defect evaporated when GM became a suit-proof deadbeat.

Through its bankruptcy and taxpayer-sponsored re-birth, GM also ditched a similar suit over its malfunctioning Passlock anti-theft system that keeps owners of the cars from starting them.  The system malfunctions after 5-7 years of ownership and costs hapless owners an average of $2000 to repair.  The “repair” predictably fails after another 5-7 years.

Not to pick on GM, Ford is no slouch at disrespecting its customers.

From 1996 to about 2003, Ford installed its Triton engines in hundreds of thousands of its cars and light trucks.  The Triton engine has a not so amusing habit of spitting its spark plugs through the hood.  When the plugs are not spat out, they seize into the aluminum heads and many a hapless professional mechanic has broken the plugs off.  The repair, in both cases, averages about $1000.

Actually, it is not a “repair”.  The Triton engine simply spits out a different plug, or another one seizes up.  Let’s see…that is potentially eight grand worth of shop visits for Ford, per Triton engine.

The company denies there is a problem.

Of course they do.

Americans are tired of corporations selling shoddy products and being left holding the bill.  Americans are tired of shoddy politicians selling endless wars and phony currency.  Americans are sick of seeing their money confiscated at gunpoint and redistributed to bankster friends of congress.

Washington denies there is a problem.

Of course they do.

According to the Des Moines Register, the Occupy Wall Street protest has a 33% approval rating…congress has a 14% approval rating.

The peasants are pissed.  And, if congress has not noticed the smoking buckets of tar, the pitchforks, and feather pillows, they should hear the angry voices outside.

After an Arab Spring…what could be prettier than a pleasant American Fall.


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