Happy Birthday…to Phyne Dyning

In General Information on October 19, 2011 at 11:30 am

I'm this many! (Image: Socializr)

Phyne Dyning was launched just one year ago.  It’s roots were just one more cooking blog and it morphed into a hodge-podge of cookery, political curmudgeonry, and an ongoing celebration of the Bohemian lifestyle.  As the economy sputters and groans, Phyne Dyning resonates with readers desperate to enjoy good food (and a simple life) on a tight budget.  Consequently, these pages began to feature recipes using common ingredients that are available (to most) at a fairly low cost.

Bohemianism is sweeping (today’s) Depression-era America.

Workers scour for ideas on how to re-purpose items for daily living and how to eek “just a while longer” out of a pair of shoes, a car, a ratty sofa, or last year’s suits.  Disharmony may be emerging on our streets, but people are harmoniously sitting down at a shared (at home) dining table to enjoy meals while actually looking each other in the eye.  We are becoming a “people”, once again.

Wages are flat and there is a collective brooding by those sickened by an Amerika abandoned to Wall Street banksters and their paid-for political cronies.  Although the media clamors desperately to garner attention for the same, recycled bunch of professional candidates, the real show is seen in the people’s occupation movement.

The local media minion for the corporate state, the Des Moines Register, libels the movement as “directionless” and “offering no solutions”.  Saying so is to assert, “There will be no complaining unless you have a solution.  Otherwise, shut up and stay in the assumed position!”

Corporate toadies, like the Register, would likely admonish people to be prepared to tell the mechanic how to fix their car before complaining about it not running right.  With one’s home ablaze, the firefighters do not demand the homeowner to suggest ways to put out the fire before addressing the conflagration.

America’s home has been set afire.  People have rushed into the streets, crying for someone to put out the fire and they are chided by the press to put it out themselves as the firemen fiddle and dawdle.

It has been an interesting inaugural year for Phyne Dyning.  The next one promises to be even more interesting.

Keep reading and keep cooking.  My stats tell me that the blog resonates well with a very diverse group of cooks and home chefs.  The past year has been “good” to Phyne Dyning and (G-d willing!) the next 365 days will be even better.

Thanks for reading!


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