Shift in seasons…shift in cuisine

In General Information on October 19, 2011 at 10:55 am

The "other" season arrives in Iowa.

The second season has arrived in America’s Ukraine (Iowa) as the hot-wet season has been replaced by the cold-wet season.  Neighbors have bidden adieu to neighbors and they have retreated behind their triple-paned insulated glass for the next six months of life as lived on the steppes of old Russia.

Cold weather hints means my proletarian bakery shifts into high gear with the production of French baguettes, soft Italian bread, and (of course) big bags of freshly baked pita.  Although two readers inquired about my na’an, I admit that I seldom bake dairy-based breads.  Some of our guests and recipients of “gift loaves” separate meat from dairy and keeping breads parve means no guesswork.

Let the baking begin!

The shift in seasons also means the Phyne Dyner’s focus shifts from sunny vegetable courses to hearty and warming soups.

Coming soon…and appropriate to the setting…comes Ukrainian soljanke with robust mushrooms, onions, and a pickle surprise.  For the geriatric set, is zup deduhlyeh (“Soup for Grandfathers”), an easily digested egg-onion and dumpling soup from Russia.  And, to cheer up the grey days, a colorful Sephardi vegetable soup using lots of turmeric and black-eyed peas!

Time for "schie"...

In the meantime, browse the PD archives for other cool/cold weather favorites…like schie and Ural pelmeni (one of PD’s most popular posts!).

...or, pelmeni!

Stay with us, tovarich, lots of good eating is coming your way!


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