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In Editorial on October 26, 2011 at 9:53 am

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Occupy Iowa continues to chug along, despite repeated attempts by area conformist-monkeys to dismiss or marginalize the movement.  Those attempts are beginning to backfire on Republican and Democratic party loyalists (royalists?).


Occupiers are typically characterized by the novocaine-brained as aimless “beatniks” or aging professional protestors.  But it is the old libels of the reactionary 1960s that are more likely to persist.


The protestors are stereotyped as “professional students”, “jobless hippies”, “infected with venereal diseases”, “parasites” and other slurs, just as anti-war protestors of forty years ago were.  The slurs are entirely without factual foundation.


Most of the Occupiers hold degrees, many of them hold advanced degrees, and are fed up with having their intellectual prowess plundered by the super-rich.  The degrees were financed with a rigged student loan system that turned willing entrepreneurs into indentured servants of the banks…for life.


I offer a half-hearted cheer to President Obama for his willingness to remove the student loan programs from the clutches of banksters, but I offer a more enthusiastic cheer for Ron Paul’s suggestion that the student loan program be dismantled entirely.


“But, don’t student loans facilitate college educations for people who would otherwise be unable to afford them?”


Of course.  But they more facilitate the vicious cycle that ends with skyrocketing tuitions and fees for university attendance.  When tuition and fees increase, student loan limits naturally increase proportionally…thereby encouraging universities to raise (and squander) tuition.  If student loans were dismantled, university tuitions would drop like a rocket-propelled anvil.


The current system also perpetuates the myth that everyone needs a college degree.


It is a myth that has been sold by colleges and universities to their low-performing graduates working as human resources specialists.  Consequently, we see company recruiters seeking to fill menial, hourly positions with people holding four-year degrees.


The practice is utter nonsense.


You should not need a degree in business management to sell toner and ink cartridges for Office Depot.


University apologists hoot and point to “poorly prepared” high school graduates as an indicator that colleges and universities are necessary to provide the needed basic education required for the skill set of a clerk at Kohl’s department store.


The truth is, kids can still get a decent education in a public high school if they (and their parents) are willing to put forth the effort.  A corollary to this truth is that lazy, unskilled high school students go on to become lazy, unskilled college students.  At the conclusion of 5-6 years (to get a 4-year degree), they are lazy, unskilled college grads…holding up to $80,000 of indebtedness to some bank who cares less if they have a job.


For all of the howling from the tighty-righties who hoot and point to “accountability” for public schools, there is silence from the same crowd when it comes to shackling a college grad with a debt they will likely service until they die.  The tighty-righties are conspicuously silent about demanding that college degrees, financed with borrowed money, actually provide a living wage for graduates or that there may be a job waiting for grads after graduation.  There are no howls for “accountability” when it takes a young person nearly six years to obtain a BA or BS degree at a major university.


There are no howls of indignation when the unemployed are cajoled to “go back to school” (and borrow money), rather than seek work.  Education loans and grants have become surrogates for state welfare that becomes ultimately destined for the pockets of university professors and administrators.


The Occupiers are not asking for a handout or “free” education.  They are merely asking that they not be shackled to a job for 30-40 years, while 20-50% of their gross earnings get siphoned off to government-protected lenders.  People tend to disdain feudal systems where there rich get richer, while the poor starve and die solely to pay tribute to the rich.


There is about to be a Soviet-style purge of congress and it will be led by American students who have a justified hope for equal treatment to that of one of congress’ pet bankers.


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