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Links repaired…and a new one added!

In General Information on November 30, 2011 at 7:42 am


Thanks (bunches!) to Phyne Dyners who cared enough to tell moi that my quick links were broken.  They are repaired, thanks to you.

While I was playing Mr. Fix-it with my blog, I added another quick link “Occupation of the Day“.  This link will be changed at random.  Sometimes, it will go to an Occupy-related post on Phyne Dyning.  At other times, it will link to other sites in support of the Occupation movement.


Because the movement is that important.


Faces of Occupation

In Lifestyle on November 30, 2011 at 7:27 am

Here are 20 images of the 99%.  This was the easiest post Phyne Dyning ever came up with…

…because, sadly, images like these are so plentiful.

Retire at 80…dead at 77 (Wells Fargo)

In General Information on November 29, 2011 at 12:20 pm


According to a study by the mine bosses at Wells Fargo, (reported by the San Francisco Business Times), “25% of workers think they will have to work until age 80“.

A bitter irony places life expectancy for US citizens at between 77.5 to 78.1 years.

"Only two more years...and I can retire!"

According to Wells Fargo banksters, the dead will be expected to work about two more years before retiring.

Nightmare on Elm…errr…Wall Street

In Editorial on November 29, 2011 at 11:38 am

It was a short night.

I spent the wee hours researching more stuff to entertain and amuse Phyne Dyners and then awoke only a couple of hours later to my BlackBerry frantically beeping next to my pillow.  I picked up the device with some apprehension because virtually everything sent to it goes to a “hold que”, except phone calls and email from my closest friends…real friends…not “Facebook friends”.

The call, email, and another call were from a dear friend who is heavily involved in the Texas TEA Party.  He was taking me to task over my blog posting a(n) (adversarial) comparison of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the Tea Party.  An email would be too impersonal, given the depth of our relationship, so I called him at his office just as soon as I got a caffeine drip running into my veins.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

My old pal chided me for falling into an ancient trap where two potential allies are pitted against each other by their common foe.  As friends are wont to do, we listened patiently to each other and reserved judgment on statements made until each of us had articulated our positions.  We came to common ground with the understanding that each of us got our “information” about our “seemingly opposing” movements from the same corporate sources.

“Who provides you with at least some of the information you rely on about the Tea Party?” he asked.  I replied honestly, “The same outfits that supply you with at least some of the information about Occupy Wall Street.”


Corporate media, and their useful idiots, told me that Tea Partiers are “homophobic”, “racist”, and “anti-worker”.  My libertarian gut instinct began to writhe when I saw familiar politicians from both sides of the same, filthy coin plastered at the bottom of a graphic I posted earlier that morning.  My friend directed me to the top of that same graphic.

We share a common foe...

“We’re on the same side of this Wall Street issue”, he began.  “Don’t allow yourself to be distracted from what we have in common.”  He then spoke about how Tea Party rallies had been similarly pilloried by the corporate media and how (salient point!) the Department of Homeland Security quickly pointed out “potential threats” from within the Tea Party movement…just as the Occupy movement was now being held up as having “potential threats”.

These “potential threats” did not manifest identically in both groups.  Occupiers did not attend rallies holding AR-15 rifles and Tea Partiers did not defecate on police cars.  But the “threats” each posed to the corporate-political status quo are virtually identical!  Both groups threaten the flow of filthy lucre between the super-wealthy and our “elected” government.

Verified by “old news”

It is old news that bankster lobbyists (Clark Lytle Geduldig & Cranford) began proposing $850,000 opportunities to smear the Occupy movement.  The memo stated, “… (T)he bigger concern,” the memo says, “should be that Republicans will no longer defend Wall Street companies.” (rather than concerns that the Democratic flip-side of the coin would remain in power in 2012).  The Tea Party faithful (no pun intended) are largely from the ranks of disillusioned GOP members.  The Tea Party is no friend to Wall Street, with TARP legislation being the crowbar first inciting many former Republicans to join the Tea movement.  And, while the “mainstream” corporate GOP has had some success in co-opting the Tea Party, true Tea Partiers remain as hostile to the cozy relationship between banksters and government as ever.

Once again, who told us (supporters of Occupy) that the Tea Party had been fully co-opted by the neo-con GOP?  Corporate, lame-stream media.  The same media that replays ad nauseum that Occupiers are bored, out-of-work, former hippies who protest solely for the sake of protesting.

Similarities between Tahrir Square and Zuccotti Park

According to reports in The Guardian:  In the wake of police violence in Oakland, California, that city’s contrite mayor (Jean Quan) detailed orchestrated, conference calls between 18 mayors of American cities and the Department of Homeland Security.  The purpose of those conversations was for DHS to instigate the violent suppression of Occupy protests by militarized police who had been armed and outfitted by DHS.  This makes DHS little more than a corporate-state praetorian guard and having much in common with history’s last fascist state’s Brown Shirts.

Investigation by Examiner reporter, Rick Ellis, reveals that DHS gave the mayors advice on how to “legally” dismantle Occupy encampments via “zoning laws and curfews”, along with “sanitation concerns”.  Mayors were advised to begin their police aktions at times when the press would be least likely to be present.  It also explains the non-defensive use of state weaponry as part of a shock and awe strategy to demoralize Occupiers to realize resistance is futile.

Police mace used on unarmed women

Hard cheese for the New Gestapo…every citizen now has the means to film police brutality with their techno-gadget phones and every reporter-citizen has the ability, via the internet, to post those films for all the world to see.

No wonder corporate sponsored politicians are coveting any ability to shut down the internet “in times of national peril”!

Which brings us to…

Brother... (Photo: Urban Grounds)

Common ground between Tea Partiers and Occupiers would be the worst possible scenario for the status quo.  Sure, Occupiers and Partiers need to look at each other through cold, brothers. (Photo: AP)

steely eyes…as there are pro-state posers in both groups.  But we need to hold out olive branches to each other.  We do not have to agree on every issue and we do not have to give up our “pet” causes, so long as those causes do not strengthen our common enemy.  After we have subdued and slain the evil corporate state, then we can deal with the lesser issues…and bigger ones.

Our common enemy is not each other.  Our common enemies are the corporate-groomed candidates armed with slick tongues who represent only themselves while they promise “change” or “return”…depending on which status quo party is speaking.  The guy holding an AR-15 rifle at a Tea Party rally is a brother to the woman playing a djembe at an Occupy event.


Are there “racists”, “homophobes”, and people hostile to workers within the Tea Party?  Absolutely!  Are there “communists” and “jobless hippie professional protesters” among the Occupiers?  Without a doubt!  Can we put all of that aside long enough to realize the dream of rebuilding our nation free of the unholy union between big business and government?

G-d!  I hope so!

[NOTE:  Phyne Dyning will continue with more “food stuff” shortly…I have mucho good stuff in the can, waiting to hit pixels.  We are living during a making of national (and world) history and it would be a grave error for Phyne Dyning to leave these events to “the other guy” out of self-indulgence.  Thanks for your patience!]

Please share this!

In General Information on November 28, 2011 at 11:20 pm

Phyne Dyning found the infographic (below) on .  We Party Patriots is a blog featuring a very strong (read “unwaivering”) unionist agenda and it speaks well of them that surfers do not have to guess their bent or sift through pages of vague platitudes to find out where the writer(s) plant a flag…unlike political candidates who try desperately to skirt party affiliations at the local level in hopes dazed voters will pull the cord for their candidacy.

A simple summary of the graphic says, “Occupy Wall Street movement members attend protests after working all day“…blowing to smithereens the stereotypes held up by corporate useful idiots that “Occupiers do not have jobs.”  The graphic also details educational the superiority of OWS members over that of Tea Partiers.

I love the graphic (assembled by Accelerated Degree).  But as a true libertarian, I bristled a bit at the graphic segment suggesting Tea Partiers hold “libertarian” ideals on taxes and smaller government.  Libertarians, unlike Tea Partiers, do not have sacred cows when it comes to the size of government (Tea Partiers love parts of the state bureaucracy!).  Besides, we libertarians hold no rancor for “government”…it is the “state” which we detest.

But I digress!

The graphic is beyond wonderful and I hope Phyne Dyning’s modest readership will share the information from it with others…it’s good stuff!

Post-mortem: Buy Nothing Day

In Lifestyle on November 28, 2011 at 5:26 pm

If the corporate media is to be believed (WINK!), the Occupy Wall Street spin-off “Buy Nothing Day” held last Friday was…

…a bust for OWS-ers.  Lame-stream media dutifully reported that retail sales were approximately 7% higher than in 2010.  Therefore, goes the (il-logic), OWS had zero impact.


While hardline Rethuglicrats continued (and turned up the volume for) their disinformation about the Occupy movement, the corporate media dutifully banged a bass drum to entice shoppers to buy even more crap they do not need or really even want.  Sales may have been 7% “higher” than the previous year, but corporate retailers spent multiples more of that percentage on advertising and sales events.

Meanwhile, people noticed members of the movement at many area malls.  Shoppers who were exposed to Occupiers on Buy Nothing Day were puzzled that members of the movement did not appear to be the “dirty hippies” of which the immaculately coiffed members of the corporate media spoke.  They found Occupiers to be respectful, clean, and intelligent.  Most of the uncivil behavior PD observed came from mall guards and a few guys wearing seed company hats.  The get a job, a bath, and a haircut taunts did not fly because most of the Occupiers are employed (many are self-employed), and are clean and well-groomed.

There were several interesting dialogs between Occupiers and the indoctrinated.

A commonly heard counter to the Occupy movement is an assertion that there are more millionaires in America than ever before and that the 1% cited by Occupiers is more like 7%.  One of the best responses to such indoctrination was “Even if the number is 7%, who do leaders of our “representative democracy” listen most to…93% of the people…or to the 7% holding most of the money?  Shouldn’t they listen to everyone, rather than just the 7% with the most money?”

“Why do you hate capitalism?” got tossed around a lot.

Occupiers patiently explained that capitalism was not the problem.  Rather, the problem is manifested in crony capitalism where capitalist “winners” are chosen by members of the corporate-chosen government.  Few of the anti-Occupiers had ever heard of haircuts…a banking term where large corporate borrowers enjoy renegotiation of loan terms…while regular borrowers (people with mortgages, student loans, credit cards, etc.) are not given opportunities to revisit the terms of their agreements.

Sure, many in the firm grips of the status quo stood fast.  But there were many regular people who walked away from discussions with Occupiers with entirely new impressions.

Another one of the anti-Occupy myths evaporated like a morning mist:

You guys don’t have any suggestions or alternatives.  You only want to whine.”

Many mall Occupiers helpfully handed out suggestions “Top 10 Ways to Occupy the Holidays and Reclaim the Spirit of the Season”.  These read like the measures my parents and grandparents employed during the last Great Depression

…make gifts yourself (candles, soaps, foods), provide a service you perform as a gift (babysit, fix a car, mow a lawn), buy local goods from locally-owned merchants, give gift cards to local service providers (car tune-up, computer repair, hair cuts), give a gift certificate to a locally owned restaurant, don’t buy gifts with credit cards or with any form of borrowed money, buy from second-hand shops (records, CDs, DVDs, clothing), give the gift of a membership in a charitable organization, take/offer a (free) class on something you do/know or are interested in, and share these ideas with others.

The Occupier’s “shocking anti-American rhetoric” sounded a lot like mainstream dinner conversation in normal homes…over 80 years ago!

As I prepared our modest Thanksgiving Day dinner, we heard a radio spot on the local ClearChannel station (Does anyone remember local radio?) beating a drum for “door buster sales” on Black Friday “EVE”…clearly unmasking attempts to turn conspicuous consumption into a holiday…followed by Cyber Monday…another made-up consumption holiday.  How terribly sad!

Thanks to the outreach by OWS last Friday, more people than ever “get it”.  Even though many may not “get it”, they are beginning to enter the discussion with more than taunts for the Occupiers.

So, here is the Phyne Dyner’s post-mortem on Buy Nothing Day

…it was an unbelievable success.

New links for Phyne Dyners

In General Information on November 28, 2011 at 4:08 pm

Look for the red donation barrels (Photo: Move the Food)

No, there is nothing amiss with relations between the Phyne Dyner and Campbell’s Nutrition, Penzey’s Spices, or Allspice spice store.  PD continues to patronize all of those retailers and heartily recommends them to fellow Dyners.

What is “amiss”?

Approximately 9% of Iowans utilized food pantries and food charities in the past year.  One in four American children live in home that are “food insecure” (defined as a home where one or more household members went hungry because of insufficient household income to purchase sufficient food).  These are shameful data for America, a country that lauds itself for being the “most prosperous” on earth.  It is a true shanda (shame) that Iowa, a major food-producing state, has almost a half-million people visiting food pantries.

Consequently, Phyne Dyning is encouraging our regular readers (and occasional followers) to support food pantries with food and money donations.  To facilitate easy donations, links to Des Moines Area Religious Council and Move the Food will appear on every page of this blog.  Click the link and make a connection with pantry workers to make your donation or to volunteer.  Look for DMARC red donation barrels at your grocery retailer and other locations.  Consider buying 1-2 more food items to put in a DMARC collection barrel when you buy your own groceries.

The need is 7% higher this year (2011)…meaning there is greater need for our generosity and support than ever before.  And, while food is the major focus of these programs, there is also great need for diapers and even the “incidentals” needed for daily living.

Phyne Dyning does not want those who cannot donate because of their own circumstances to make sacrifices they cannot afford.  However, everyone (even the poorest among us) can afford a smile and words of encouragement for someone else who is struggling.

[NOTE:  DMARC does not require attendance at or participation in religious services as a requirement or condition to receive services, and DMARC does not engage in religious proselytizing or counseling.]

Special Report: This is “f”-ed up!

In General Information on November 23, 2011 at 12:35 pm

A Perry, Iowa family claims they were roughed up and their dogs were shot by Perry police officers raiding their home looking for “drugs and a stolen X-Box”.  Perry police shot two (non-threatening) family dogs to death in the raid.

Police jackboots are hopeful that a WHO-TV reporter doing the voiceover for its coverage misspoke when he detailed the affidavit for the search warrant included items to be sought as “legal and illegal drugs”.

Folks, it is FUBAR in extremis when civilian police in America conduct a military-style assault on civilians merely suspected of criminal behavior.  Give a thug a badge, a Kevlar helmet, black fatigues, and an assault weapon and you have someone just spoiling to shoot something…or someone.

When you call something a “War on…” you can be sure there will be mental midgets wanting to behave like real soldiers…so long as the enemy consists of unarmed civilians.  Put these “heroes” someplace where they will run into equally armed, or highly motivated real warriors and a warm yellow stain will spread all over the front of their army surplus BDUs.

Over an X-Box?

This kind of excessive force behavior (by police paramilitaries) has got to stop.  These incidents are common and a quick web-search turns up hundreds of similar cases.  Every small-town cop now fancies him/herself to be a foot soldier

The face of today's "terrorists". (AP Photo)

on the front lines…and that is a dangerous mentality.  If we tolerate it or excuse it, it will only get worse.  At some point, the cardboard warriors will end up with a real war on their hands…

…when the citizenry rises up and makes their pretend war into a real war.

It has happened in other countries and Americans are no different than any other people.

I know nothing about the guilt or innocence of the involved family and that is a matter for the courts…as is the (hopefully) vigorous prosecution of Perry police officers who clearly killed two pets for no reason.

Giving thanks, and other “stuff”

In Editorial on November 23, 2011 at 11:55 am

Tomorrow, all but the most dysfunctional among us will give thanks for what they have.  Then, on “Black Friday” most of the formerly thankful will resume coveting what they do not yet possess.  “I’m so grateful” will be replaced with “What-cha gonna buy me and where-ya gonna take me shopping?”.

A former day of awe will give way to the days of unbridled avarice.

The nightly news will show more rioting…by shoppers trampling each other to grab the latest techno-do-dad sold at a ridiculously low price for the sole purpose of triggering rioting for the cameras.  The television will cajole us with, “There has never been a better time to buy a Toyota (Nissan, etc.).”  The latest animated films will play just in time to market spin-off toys.  Eyes shining with lust, a middle-aged woman will twist a sparkling diamond tennis bracelet under halogen lights and beckons her (now) beaming husband to a shared couch…a Viagra spot will follow.

Tomorrow night, there will be the obligatory 10pm news coverage from a homeless shelter where unfortunates chowing down on turkey dinners will be held up as props to glibly remind viewers “how good you have it”.  The coverage will be followed by more advertisements for “stuff”.

It is just “stuff”.

Instead of watching the boob-tube, I suggest reading the new translation of Elie Wiesel’s Night this evening.  It is a very quick read and I guarantee that it will give you better perspectives for tomorrow’s day of thanks than an hour or so of watching The X-Factor.

A change is coming

Phyne Dyning will be changing up some of its quick-links.  No, there is no dissatisfaction with Allspice, Penzey’s, or Campbell’s Nutrition.  They are fine retailers all.  Instead, quick-links will take fellow Phyne Dyners to the website of the Des Moines Area Religious Council’s food drive.  One in four children live in homes that are “food insecure” (translation: hungry) and 9% of Iowans visited food banks in the last year (a sad irony in a food-producing state).  Due to the cost of turkeys this year, many organizations are forgoing turkey giveaways and are even cutting back on serving turkey to the poor and homeless among us.  Meanwhile, GOP candidate Bachmann asserts that the unemployed “should not eat”…in language frighteningly similar to saying the jobless are “life, unworthy of life”.

I told you…read Weisel’s Night…it gives perspective.

The clueless among us

The official news organ for the Iowa Ministry of Economics and Tourism, the Des Moines Register, promised hopefully that moving reader comments to Facebook would create a more “civil” forum for discussion.  It did not

Photo: Davis Enterprise

and the move was a failure.  Hateful spew still fires up pixels from the likes of commentators using monikers like Political Plot and others.  In fairness to the dying Register, not all of the published venom is spewed anonymously.  Readers, presumably posting under real names, hold forth with wisdom like…”The best way to move out Occupiers would be to drop soap and job applications on them.”  Today, a Letter to the Editor begs for Mayor Cownie to violently put down the local Occupy protest a la the police aktion by NYC’s Fascist-in-Chief, Michael Bloomberg.

It’s about “sanitation concerns”

"Jews spread typhus" (Nazi poster)

Across the country, Occupy protests are being violently suppressed by the state’s jackboots on the pretext of sanitation concerns.  Peaceful protesters are being sprayed with chemical agents and their personal property (tents, tables, awnings, etc.) are being confiscated or destroyed absent of the due process required by the United States Constitution.  That pesky, damned Constitution!

Sanitation concerns are a historic fall-back excuse for those who hate liberty and human rights and subvert those rights with state violence.




And now, from the Fearless Leader…errr…Family Leader

Republican candidates made their obligatory kow-tow to religious extremists at a Family Leader forum last Saturday.  Texas’ current fuhrer, Rick Perry, suggested that non-Christians need not apply in his future vision for Amerika by saying, “In every person’s soul, there is a hole that can only be filled by the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Oy vey!  Talk about “holes that should be filled”, Rick.

Other candidates tried to out-Christian Jesus with similar silliness.  Cain added his three-cents-short-of-a-dollar comment, “People of faith have allowed the nonfaith element to intimidate us” and Newt (whats-in-a-name) Gingrich took time from counting his consulting lucre to say, “Because they’re unhappy and they’re angry”, in response to the moderator’s bait to him, “People who don’t attend church are the most unhappy and angry people”.

I have always said that, during the Nazi reign in Europe, there were those who were deeply and sincerely disappointed that they were denied membership in the Nazi Party.  The performances of nearly all of the GOP candidates at the Family Leader forum supports my supposition.

One candidate stood tall at the forum and that he is disdained by the Vander Putzer movement is a laurel for his campaign…Dr. Ron Paul.

Paul holds a firm position that it is not the place of government to define matters of conscience.  He says, rather, the entire job function of government is to protect liberty.

Clearly, Dr. Paul is a dangerous man.

Lights, camera, revenue!

According to a news article published in today’s Des Moines Register, if the number of citations generated by Des Moines’ red light cameras and mobile speed camera remain constant, they could generate $2.7 million in revenue for the city that is struggling with a $7 million budget shortfall.

That creates a logical tie-in for those who want to mace, taze, and shoot Occupiers in the name of “sanitation”…

the city could mandate cameras in every restroom of every household to ensure residents are properly washing their hands after using the toilet.  With $65 per violation fines, the remaining $4.3 million in  budget shortfalls could be made up in just a few months.

Not wanting to get left behind on the Gatso camera windfall, the city of Windsor Heights is now looking into installing speed cameras on their portion of I-235 and elsewhere in their little speed trap.

In a twist of irony, one of the Phyne Dyner’s family members is deeply hopeful to rename the city of Windsor Heights as the village of Windsor Heights.  “What comes to mind…”, he asked me, “…when someone says ‘village’?”


How to make “free” stocks

In Tips and Hints on November 22, 2011 at 4:52 pm

Phyne Dyners throw NOTHING away!

Not wasting food is a hallmark of Phyne Dyning.  Food is a precious commodity to those of us choosing to live the Bohemian lifestyle and many of us could live for months on what many “normal” Americans toss into the dustbin.

Why buy commercial vegetable stocks or broths if you own a large deep freeze?

[NOTE:  A “stock” is a clear liquid in which a food (vegetable, meat, or fish) has been cooked and then strained.  A “broth” contains small portions of the cooked food and may have thickening agents added.  Some sources say stocks use bones and broths use boneless meats.  A real chef may get picky…but most folks use the terms interchangeably.]

During the summer months, when vegetables are plentiful, I make stock using the trimmings and odd-ends of vegetables I buy at my local farmer’s market.  The trimmings include beet greens, collards, and mustard greens not “good enough” for use by themselves, celery trimmings, ends of squash, potato trimmings (not the peels…they will discolor the broth), corn cobs (yep!), onion trimmings, green onion tops, tomato peels…you name it!

All of the veggies are thoroughly scrubbed before trimming.  Then the peels and trimmings get tossed into a large stockpot full of water (ratio 1 lb veggies to 1 gallon water) and cooked for about 30-45 minutes.  The resulting broth is cooled and then strained into freezer containers.  The cooked vegetable “goop” goes to the compost pile.

I do not add salt to my stocks.  I have added some herb trimmings, but do not advise it…you never know what you will use the stock for and the added herbs may conflict with other recipe ingredients.  The stock keeps virtually “forever” if frozen.  However, to avoid getting any added “freezer taste”, I try to use up my supply by the following summer.

The same process can be used for chicken (using chicken carcasses), beef (using leftover beef and trimmings), and fish (using fish heads, fins, and “non-gut” trimmings).

With quality broths selling for up to $5/quart, why not go for the “free stuff” you would normally pitch?