The Phyne Dyner talks about “stuff”: Part 3

In Editorial on November 9, 2011 at 11:59 am

Not just another pretty face

 Phyne Dyning remains firmly behind the Occupy movement.  But, one aspect of the movement was a bit puzzling for me.

The movement co-opted the visage of “V” (From the movie based on a graphic comic, “V for Vendetta”).  The main character “V” was portrayed as a freedom fighter in a futuristic fascist/dystopian Great Britain who went about wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and a flamenco dancer’s outfit.

The irony?

The “V” mask is licensed by megacorporation Time Warner.

ABC “News” made a big issue about the apparent hypocrisy of using a corporation’s licensed product as an icon for dissent against the current unholy marriage between corporations and the emerging fascist state.

It is not hypocrisy.

In the movie, the “V” character was a lone rebel, less than 1% of the total voice, who inspired an intimidated and outgunned populace into peacefully dismantling tyranny.

If there is any hypocrisy to be found in the use of the iconic visage of “V”, it was on the part of Time Warner and ABC “News”.

Think about it.

It’s Déjà vu all over again

 Phyne Dyning made the following comment on 27 October (Déjà vu all over again):

In the coming days, there will be media murmurings about “allegations that some Occupy organizations have ties to potentially violent anarchist groups” or some other boogeyman.  (The disinformation specialists know it would be over-the-top to assert “possible ties to al Qaeda”.).  The state will either use its agent provocateurs to promote violence at Occupy demonstrations or the state’s agents will rely on its proven technique of inciting unstable individuals within the movement to commit violent acts.

Within days, the useful idiots in the mainstream media began murmuring about a “shadowy” and “anarchist-linked” group known as Anonymous and that the apparatchiks at the local FBI office “were carefully monitoring” the group.  While clearly a free speech issue outside of the mandate for law enforcement, state toadies cite the group’s call for protesters to “shut down” the Iowa caucuses with (peaceful) sit-ins as a “reason for concern”.

Yes, dissent is dangerous and political speech and actions must be carefully regulated by the state…First Amendment be damned.

Organizers of Occupy Des Moines call the fear mongering by the state and its official news organs for what it is…a distraction.

Speaking of distractions

The Herman Cain Show debuted its sexy twist with “stunning revelations” that Cain sexually harassed several women a decade ago.

Because few Americans know enough mathematics to determine Cain’s “9-9-9 Plan” to be an economic absurdity, corporate sponsors of the current election circus roll out…

…a controversy (again) stereotyping an African-American male as a being unable to control his libido.

Democrats, famous for their myopia, smell Cain’s blood and are hooting for his execution by stereotype, rather than by the dismissal of his crazy proposals.

9-9-9 is Michele’s 6-6-6 upside down

 Tea Party hottie, Michele Bachmann, just rolled out her, “everyone should pay taxes” theme.

Ummm…Michele…everyone pays taxes if they dare to work and earn federal scrip for their labors.

But this is also from a woman, claiming to be a devoted follower of Jay-zus, who also proclaimed in her sermon atop an ivory mount, “If you are unemployed, you should not eat.

Isn’t that special?

The millionaire-side in the class war states that the wealthy people in America pay almost all of the taxes collected on income.  That may be accurate only if one considers tax money retained, but not “refunded” to taxpayers.

But it is the working classes who are making interest-free loans to the taxman.

During the nation’s tax season, I always hear the thoroughly indoctrinated working stiffs giggling that they “got all of it back”…”it” being the money confiscated from them by the feds as payroll tax deductions.

No, ya mooks, you gave the feds an interest-free loan for the period of one year so that companies like Exxon do not have to pay taxes and so Barack “The Candyman” Obama could hand your loan money to Wall Street banksters and his other cronies.

The Phyne Dyner is struggling to understand why a modest wage earner should make a $3,000 at 0% loan to the American Empire when those earning millions (billions?) pay nothing at all.

And that brings us back to…

Why the Occupiers are right.

A recent poll of Iowans found that 41% of them are unhappy with “the Republicans”, 42% are pissed at “Barack Obama” (singly so-named as Whipping Boy for “the Democrats”), and 82% of Iowans “are cheesed off at government in general”.

Iowans, however, keep sending the same bunch of clowns back to Washington for decades!

Tis the Season

 Ah, the months of conspicuous consumerism are upon us.  For the next 60-odd days, Americans will be cajoled and herded into big box stores where they will buy even more imported tchotchketo make this the most memorable Holiday Season ever”.

Then, there is this…

Just published in the latest edition of Reader’s Digest, was a poll of people, across a spectrum of nations, who were asked about their level of “joy” during the Holidays.  Here is how it shook out.  About 82% of Americans are “joyful” about the Holidays.  This compares to 96% of Russians and 94% of Chinese respondents.

The results are understandable.

The Chinese are joyful because Americans use the season to buy their slave-produced goods in the name of “peace and love” and the Russians are simply happy to see their former American enemies in debt to the Chinese.

In related Holiday news…

An article in today’s Des Moines Register highlights how parents are struggling to provide their children with “meaningful” (expensive) out-of-school activities in the face of the current economic depression.

Baseball pitching lessons come at $40/hour and cheerleading programs for pre-teen girls and “tweeners” run into annual costs of thousands of dollars per child.

Sheesh…and to think, when I was a kid, I was happy to play make-believe “fort” in the box my birthday present came in.

And, about all those “new jobs”

The same Register article detailing how some parents, while facing foreclosure on the family home, held fundraisers so the children could remain in cheerleading (?!) quotes Iowa Policy Project data stating “the difference in pay between new jobs and those lost in the recession is $5,860, and fewer employers offer health insurance coverage”.

Yeah, Senator Grassley, the Occupiers are “unemployed young people just looking to get laid”.

The Phyne Dyner is looking forward to the day when Mr. Grassley is unemployed and is just looking forward to his next bowel movement.

More Holiday news!

Last year, the Phyne Dyner made mention that it is “Okay to wish me a Merry Christmas”, despite the fact that Mr. and Mrs. PD are Jews.  I caught some flack from some of my fellow Red Sea Pedestrian co-religionists over my use of a graphic of a button bearing the phrase distributed by the Wish Me a Merry Christmas Campaign, an evangelical Christian group hell bent on “stopping the attack on Christmas”.

I never noticed the web address for on the graphic and it would not have mattered if I had.

If a non-Jew wishes me, an obviously Jewish man, to have peace, joy, prosperity, and happiness in the name of their Invisible Magical Friend…I say “thank you”.  It beats the heck out of being their guest of honor at a pogrom or Inquisition.

Still MORE Holiday news!

It is not all about Christmas.  Hanukkah will arrive just before Christmas.  This year, the weeklong Jewish festival of cholesterol begins just prior to the Christian day commemorating overindulgence and credit card debt.

As a Jew of the Reform tradition, the holiday confuses me.

The grounds for the Maccabean Rebellion and the current philosophy of Reform Judaism are diametrically opposed.  I will leave the reading for further study to you, but if the rebellion happened today, Reform Jews (even according to my rabbi) would be fighting on the side of the Hellenized Jews.

So, it is a bit confusing about why my fellow, Reform Jews make all the hoo-hah about Hanukkah.  “Our” side lost the war.  The flaming chanukkiah (menorah) should be emblematic of our defeat.

For me, the holiday commemorates a time when an oppressed and impoverished minority rose up and kicked some serious government booty.

So let those Hanukkah flames burn brightly!

Here’s to good behavior!

I have to ‘fess up.  Until a few days ago, I did not know who, or what, a “Snooki” was, or is.  I now know and I am now a lesser man for knowing.


And, after knowing, I spent an hour walking in a circle, talking to G-d.


And, finally, thank you…

For the many kind emails, cards, and telephone calls of condolence on our loss of our elderly greyhound “Jack” (Phyne Dyning 8 November 2011 “What dreams may come).

When we awoke this morning to 4+ inches of snow, we knew that his voyage into the undiscovered country began at exactly the right time.


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