Tomorrow: National Unfriend Day

In Lifestyle on November 16, 2011 at 12:22 pm

I like it!

Television host Jimmy Kimmel hit it out of the park with his promotion of National Unfriend Day (NUD).

The premise is simple, very few of the friends touted by Facebook addicts actually fall into the category of “friend” and it denigrates the whole idea of friendship.

You do remember pre-Facebook friendships?

The Phyne Dyner adheres to the logic saying, “A friend will post bail for you.  A true friend will be sitting on the jailhouse bunk next to you saying, “Damn!  That was fun!”

In all honesty, Phyne Dyning cannot participate in NUD.  I took down PD’s Facebook page for the very reasons Kimmel promotes his new holiday.  I did it with less remorse than when I am forced to finally throw away a pair of ratty socks I have owned, lovingly, since junior high.  Ditching the Tweener Heaven that is Facebook was provoked when a (real) friend whom I deeply respect asked me, “Jeez…how freaking old are you…14?”, when I invited him to be my Facebook friend.

Kimmel is right.  There is nothing wrong with Facebook, provided that you recognize friends are not “collectables”.  The only people who should appear on your Facebook friends list are those people from whom you would not mind a telephone call at 2am.  In the spirit of real friendship, National Unfriend Day is your day to cull your Facebook friends list without guilt.

For most of us, that is a short list.  For those suffering from narcissist personality disorder…”friends” number in the thousands.

National Unfriend Day fits hand-in-glove with the Phyne Dyning lifestyle.


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