Giving thanks, and other “stuff”

In Editorial on November 23, 2011 at 11:55 am

Tomorrow, all but the most dysfunctional among us will give thanks for what they have.  Then, on “Black Friday” most of the formerly thankful will resume coveting what they do not yet possess.  “I’m so grateful” will be replaced with “What-cha gonna buy me and where-ya gonna take me shopping?”.

A former day of awe will give way to the days of unbridled avarice.

The nightly news will show more rioting…by shoppers trampling each other to grab the latest techno-do-dad sold at a ridiculously low price for the sole purpose of triggering rioting for the cameras.  The television will cajole us with, “There has never been a better time to buy a Toyota (Nissan, etc.).”  The latest animated films will play just in time to market spin-off toys.  Eyes shining with lust, a middle-aged woman will twist a sparkling diamond tennis bracelet under halogen lights and beckons her (now) beaming husband to a shared couch…a Viagra spot will follow.

Tomorrow night, there will be the obligatory 10pm news coverage from a homeless shelter where unfortunates chowing down on turkey dinners will be held up as props to glibly remind viewers “how good you have it”.  The coverage will be followed by more advertisements for “stuff”.

It is just “stuff”.

Instead of watching the boob-tube, I suggest reading the new translation of Elie Wiesel’s Night this evening.  It is a very quick read and I guarantee that it will give you better perspectives for tomorrow’s day of thanks than an hour or so of watching The X-Factor.

A change is coming

Phyne Dyning will be changing up some of its quick-links.  No, there is no dissatisfaction with Allspice, Penzey’s, or Campbell’s Nutrition.  They are fine retailers all.  Instead, quick-links will take fellow Phyne Dyners to the website of the Des Moines Area Religious Council’s food drive.  One in four children live in homes that are “food insecure” (translation: hungry) and 9% of Iowans visited food banks in the last year (a sad irony in a food-producing state).  Due to the cost of turkeys this year, many organizations are forgoing turkey giveaways and are even cutting back on serving turkey to the poor and homeless among us.  Meanwhile, GOP candidate Bachmann asserts that the unemployed “should not eat”…in language frighteningly similar to saying the jobless are “life, unworthy of life”.

I told you…read Weisel’s Night…it gives perspective.

The clueless among us

The official news organ for the Iowa Ministry of Economics and Tourism, the Des Moines Register, promised hopefully that moving reader comments to Facebook would create a more “civil” forum for discussion.  It did not

Photo: Davis Enterprise

and the move was a failure.  Hateful spew still fires up pixels from the likes of commentators using monikers like Political Plot and others.  In fairness to the dying Register, not all of the published venom is spewed anonymously.  Readers, presumably posting under real names, hold forth with wisdom like…”The best way to move out Occupiers would be to drop soap and job applications on them.”  Today, a Letter to the Editor begs for Mayor Cownie to violently put down the local Occupy protest a la the police aktion by NYC’s Fascist-in-Chief, Michael Bloomberg.

It’s about “sanitation concerns”

"Jews spread typhus" (Nazi poster)

Across the country, Occupy protests are being violently suppressed by the state’s jackboots on the pretext of sanitation concerns.  Peaceful protesters are being sprayed with chemical agents and their personal property (tents, tables, awnings, etc.) are being confiscated or destroyed absent of the due process required by the United States Constitution.  That pesky, damned Constitution!

Sanitation concerns are a historic fall-back excuse for those who hate liberty and human rights and subvert those rights with state violence.




And now, from the Fearless Leader…errr…Family Leader

Republican candidates made their obligatory kow-tow to religious extremists at a Family Leader forum last Saturday.  Texas’ current fuhrer, Rick Perry, suggested that non-Christians need not apply in his future vision for Amerika by saying, “In every person’s soul, there is a hole that can only be filled by the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Oy vey!  Talk about “holes that should be filled”, Rick.

Other candidates tried to out-Christian Jesus with similar silliness.  Cain added his three-cents-short-of-a-dollar comment, “People of faith have allowed the nonfaith element to intimidate us” and Newt (whats-in-a-name) Gingrich took time from counting his consulting lucre to say, “Because they’re unhappy and they’re angry”, in response to the moderator’s bait to him, “People who don’t attend church are the most unhappy and angry people”.

I have always said that, during the Nazi reign in Europe, there were those who were deeply and sincerely disappointed that they were denied membership in the Nazi Party.  The performances of nearly all of the GOP candidates at the Family Leader forum supports my supposition.

One candidate stood tall at the forum and that he is disdained by the Vander Putzer movement is a laurel for his campaign…Dr. Ron Paul.

Paul holds a firm position that it is not the place of government to define matters of conscience.  He says, rather, the entire job function of government is to protect liberty.

Clearly, Dr. Paul is a dangerous man.

Lights, camera, revenue!

According to a news article published in today’s Des Moines Register, if the number of citations generated by Des Moines’ red light cameras and mobile speed camera remain constant, they could generate $2.7 million in revenue for the city that is struggling with a $7 million budget shortfall.

That creates a logical tie-in for those who want to mace, taze, and shoot Occupiers in the name of “sanitation”…

the city could mandate cameras in every restroom of every household to ensure residents are properly washing their hands after using the toilet.  With $65 per violation fines, the remaining $4.3 million in  budget shortfalls could be made up in just a few months.

Not wanting to get left behind on the Gatso camera windfall, the city of Windsor Heights is now looking into installing speed cameras on their portion of I-235 and elsewhere in their little speed trap.

In a twist of irony, one of the Phyne Dyner’s family members is deeply hopeful to rename the city of Windsor Heights as the village of Windsor Heights.  “What comes to mind…”, he asked me, “…when someone says ‘village’?”



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