Special Report: This is “f”-ed up!

In General Information on November 23, 2011 at 12:35 pm

A Perry, Iowa family claims they were roughed up and their dogs were shot by Perry police officers raiding their home looking for “drugs and a stolen X-Box”.  Perry police shot two (non-threatening) family dogs to death in the raid.

Police jackboots are hopeful that a WHO-TV reporter doing the voiceover for its coverage misspoke when he detailed the affidavit for the search warrant included items to be sought as “legal and illegal drugs”.

Folks, it is FUBAR in extremis when civilian police in America conduct a military-style assault on civilians merely suspected of criminal behavior.  Give a thug a badge, a Kevlar helmet, black fatigues, and an assault weapon and you have someone just spoiling to shoot something…or someone.

When you call something a “War on…” you can be sure there will be mental midgets wanting to behave like real soldiers…so long as the enemy consists of unarmed civilians.  Put these “heroes” someplace where they will run into equally armed, or highly motivated real warriors and a warm yellow stain will spread all over the front of their army surplus BDUs.

Over an X-Box?

This kind of excessive force behavior (by police paramilitaries) has got to stop.  These incidents are common and a quick web-search turns up hundreds of similar cases.  Every small-town cop now fancies him/herself to be a foot soldier

The face of today's "terrorists". (AP Photo)

on the front lines…and that is a dangerous mentality.  If we tolerate it or excuse it, it will only get worse.  At some point, the cardboard warriors will end up with a real war on their hands…

…when the citizenry rises up and makes their pretend war into a real war.

It has happened in other countries and Americans are no different than any other people.

I know nothing about the guilt or innocence of the involved family and that is a matter for the courts…as is the (hopefully) vigorous prosecution of Perry police officers who clearly killed two pets for no reason.


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