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In General Information on November 28, 2011 at 4:08 pm

Look for the red donation barrels (Photo: Move the Food)

No, there is nothing amiss with relations between the Phyne Dyner and Campbell’s Nutrition, Penzey’s Spices, or Allspice spice store.  PD continues to patronize all of those retailers and heartily recommends them to fellow Dyners.

What is “amiss”?

Approximately 9% of Iowans utilized food pantries and food charities in the past year.  One in four American children live in home that are “food insecure” (defined as a home where one or more household members went hungry because of insufficient household income to purchase sufficient food).  These are shameful data for America, a country that lauds itself for being the “most prosperous” on earth.  It is a true shanda (shame) that Iowa, a major food-producing state, has almost a half-million people visiting food pantries.

Consequently, Phyne Dyning is encouraging our regular readers (and occasional followers) to support food pantries with food and money donations.  To facilitate easy donations, links to Des Moines Area Religious Council and Move the Food will appear on every page of this blog.  Click the link and make a connection with pantry workers to make your donation or to volunteer.  Look for DMARC red donation barrels at your grocery retailer and other locations.  Consider buying 1-2 more food items to put in a DMARC collection barrel when you buy your own groceries.

The need is 7% higher this year (2011)…meaning there is greater need for our generosity and support than ever before.  And, while food is the major focus of these programs, there is also great need for diapers and even the “incidentals” needed for daily living.

Phyne Dyning does not want those who cannot donate because of their own circumstances to make sacrifices they cannot afford.  However, everyone (even the poorest among us) can afford a smile and words of encouragement for someone else who is struggling.

[NOTE:  DMARC does not require attendance at or participation in religious services as a requirement or condition to receive services, and DMARC does not engage in religious proselytizing or counseling.]


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