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In General Information on November 28, 2011 at 11:20 pm

Phyne Dyning found the infographic (below) on .  We Party Patriots is a blog featuring a very strong (read “unwaivering”) unionist agenda and it speaks well of them that surfers do not have to guess their bent or sift through pages of vague platitudes to find out where the writer(s) plant a flag…unlike political candidates who try desperately to skirt party affiliations at the local level in hopes dazed voters will pull the cord for their candidacy.

A simple summary of the graphic says, “Occupy Wall Street movement members attend protests after working all day“…blowing to smithereens the stereotypes held up by corporate useful idiots that “Occupiers do not have jobs.”  The graphic also details educational the superiority of OWS members over that of Tea Partiers.

I love the graphic (assembled by Accelerated Degree).  But as a true libertarian, I bristled a bit at the graphic segment suggesting Tea Partiers hold “libertarian” ideals on taxes and smaller government.  Libertarians, unlike Tea Partiers, do not have sacred cows when it comes to the size of government (Tea Partiers love parts of the state bureaucracy!).  Besides, we libertarians hold no rancor for “government”…it is the “state” which we detest.

But I digress!

The graphic is beyond wonderful and I hope Phyne Dyning’s modest readership will share the information from it with others…it’s good stuff!


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