Nightmare on Elm…errr…Wall Street

In Editorial on November 29, 2011 at 11:38 am

It was a short night.

I spent the wee hours researching more stuff to entertain and amuse Phyne Dyners and then awoke only a couple of hours later to my BlackBerry frantically beeping next to my pillow.  I picked up the device with some apprehension because virtually everything sent to it goes to a “hold que”, except phone calls and email from my closest friends…real friends…not “Facebook friends”.

The call, email, and another call were from a dear friend who is heavily involved in the Texas TEA Party.  He was taking me to task over my blog posting a(n) (adversarial) comparison of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the Tea Party.  An email would be too impersonal, given the depth of our relationship, so I called him at his office just as soon as I got a caffeine drip running into my veins.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

My old pal chided me for falling into an ancient trap where two potential allies are pitted against each other by their common foe.  As friends are wont to do, we listened patiently to each other and reserved judgment on statements made until each of us had articulated our positions.  We came to common ground with the understanding that each of us got our “information” about our “seemingly opposing” movements from the same corporate sources.

“Who provides you with at least some of the information you rely on about the Tea Party?” he asked.  I replied honestly, “The same outfits that supply you with at least some of the information about Occupy Wall Street.”


Corporate media, and their useful idiots, told me that Tea Partiers are “homophobic”, “racist”, and “anti-worker”.  My libertarian gut instinct began to writhe when I saw familiar politicians from both sides of the same, filthy coin plastered at the bottom of a graphic I posted earlier that morning.  My friend directed me to the top of that same graphic.

We share a common foe...

“We’re on the same side of this Wall Street issue”, he began.  “Don’t allow yourself to be distracted from what we have in common.”  He then spoke about how Tea Party rallies had been similarly pilloried by the corporate media and how (salient point!) the Department of Homeland Security quickly pointed out “potential threats” from within the Tea Party movement…just as the Occupy movement was now being held up as having “potential threats”.

These “potential threats” did not manifest identically in both groups.  Occupiers did not attend rallies holding AR-15 rifles and Tea Partiers did not defecate on police cars.  But the “threats” each posed to the corporate-political status quo are virtually identical!  Both groups threaten the flow of filthy lucre between the super-wealthy and our “elected” government.

Verified by “old news”

It is old news that bankster lobbyists (Clark Lytle Geduldig & Cranford) began proposing $850,000 opportunities to smear the Occupy movement.  The memo stated, “… (T)he bigger concern,” the memo says, “should be that Republicans will no longer defend Wall Street companies.” (rather than concerns that the Democratic flip-side of the coin would remain in power in 2012).  The Tea Party faithful (no pun intended) are largely from the ranks of disillusioned GOP members.  The Tea Party is no friend to Wall Street, with TARP legislation being the crowbar first inciting many former Republicans to join the Tea movement.  And, while the “mainstream” corporate GOP has had some success in co-opting the Tea Party, true Tea Partiers remain as hostile to the cozy relationship between banksters and government as ever.

Once again, who told us (supporters of Occupy) that the Tea Party had been fully co-opted by the neo-con GOP?  Corporate, lame-stream media.  The same media that replays ad nauseum that Occupiers are bored, out-of-work, former hippies who protest solely for the sake of protesting.

Similarities between Tahrir Square and Zuccotti Park

According to reports in The Guardian:  In the wake of police violence in Oakland, California, that city’s contrite mayor (Jean Quan) detailed orchestrated, conference calls between 18 mayors of American cities and the Department of Homeland Security.  The purpose of those conversations was for DHS to instigate the violent suppression of Occupy protests by militarized police who had been armed and outfitted by DHS.  This makes DHS little more than a corporate-state praetorian guard and having much in common with history’s last fascist state’s Brown Shirts.

Investigation by Examiner reporter, Rick Ellis, reveals that DHS gave the mayors advice on how to “legally” dismantle Occupy encampments via “zoning laws and curfews”, along with “sanitation concerns”.  Mayors were advised to begin their police aktions at times when the press would be least likely to be present.  It also explains the non-defensive use of state weaponry as part of a shock and awe strategy to demoralize Occupiers to realize resistance is futile.

Police mace used on unarmed women

Hard cheese for the New Gestapo…every citizen now has the means to film police brutality with their techno-gadget phones and every reporter-citizen has the ability, via the internet, to post those films for all the world to see.

No wonder corporate sponsored politicians are coveting any ability to shut down the internet “in times of national peril”!

Which brings us to…

Brother... (Photo: Urban Grounds)

Common ground between Tea Partiers and Occupiers would be the worst possible scenario for the status quo.  Sure, Occupiers and Partiers need to look at each other through cold, brothers. (Photo: AP)

steely eyes…as there are pro-state posers in both groups.  But we need to hold out olive branches to each other.  We do not have to agree on every issue and we do not have to give up our “pet” causes, so long as those causes do not strengthen our common enemy.  After we have subdued and slain the evil corporate state, then we can deal with the lesser issues…and bigger ones.

Our common enemy is not each other.  Our common enemies are the corporate-groomed candidates armed with slick tongues who represent only themselves while they promise “change” or “return”…depending on which status quo party is speaking.  The guy holding an AR-15 rifle at a Tea Party rally is a brother to the woman playing a djembe at an Occupy event.


Are there “racists”, “homophobes”, and people hostile to workers within the Tea Party?  Absolutely!  Are there “communists” and “jobless hippie professional protesters” among the Occupiers?  Without a doubt!  Can we put all of that aside long enough to realize the dream of rebuilding our nation free of the unholy union between big business and government?

G-d!  I hope so!

[NOTE:  Phyne Dyning will continue with more “food stuff” shortly…I have mucho good stuff in the can, waiting to hit pixels.  We are living during a making of national (and world) history and it would be a grave error for Phyne Dyning to leave these events to “the other guy” out of self-indulgence.  Thanks for your patience!]


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