Ron Paul: The (non) anti-Semite

In Editorial on December 29, 2011 at 4:25 pm

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” (Gandhi)

The corporate-controlled media is doing its best to smear presidential candidate Ron Paul as a racist and anti-Semite. To some measure, among the hopeful-gullible, they have succeeded.

Do some anti-Semites and racists support Ron Paul? Yes, without a doubt. Does Ron Paul support his supporters holding racist or anti-Semitic views?

No. Despite years of hopeful digging, the corporate media cannot produce one direct quote from Paul that would betray racist or anti-Semitic tendencies.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright supported Barack Obama and Obama properly distanced himself from Wright. Sure, the neocon radio hosts had a field day trying to link Obama the candidate to Wright’s bigoted philosophies. But, for the most part, the corporate media downplayed the episode.

Obama bore the “corporate-approved” seal. Paul does not.

Unlike many candidates, the corporate media cannot pin lies to Paul’s jacket. In a day when small-time candidates lie about their education credentials and big-time candidates lie about mistresses, Paul is the exception.

Ron Paul got much further than our corporate masters ever dreamed he would. Their worst nightmares are upon them…

…there is consolidation of disdain for the status quo and the revolution has begun in earnest.

Old guard TEA Partiers (much of the current “TEA” Party has sadly been co-opted by evangelical neocons), defecting Democrats, defecting Republicans, and members of the Occupy movement have rallied behind Paul. They are putting aside their many differences over small issues in favor of slaying the beast that has become the American corporate empire.

Only a few people have asked, “If Ron Paul is an anti-Semite, why does he enjoy support from Jews?”

Merav Yaakov, a 43-year-old New Hampshire voter who grew up in Israel, is now a volunteer with Paul’s campaign. Yaakov believes Paul’s policies would help Israel, by denying aid to both Israel and its Arab neighbors, allowing Israel to confront its neighbors on its own terms and ultimately end the conflict. “I’m disappointed the American Jews would not entertain a possibility for a peaceful solution to the area,” Yaakov said. “I’m disappointed they want Israel to be dependent on the US. They don’t see the benefit of Israel becoming more independent and controlling its own destiny. I think they’re making a big mistake.”  (Boston Globe November 5, 2011)

Oh, but that’s hardly ‘Jewish’ support!

Well, would you accept Ron Paul support from an Israeli [LINK HERE!] newspaper?


The Republican Jewish Coalition (Likud-America) has a problem with Paul’s plan to permit Israel to slip loose from its bonds of being an American puppet-state. They do not object to Paul from Tel Aviv, Haifa, or any other Israeli city. They do so from the relative safety of Boro Park, Boca Raton, and other hubs of American Jewry.

There is a solution for the RJC. Support Israel as Israelis living in Israel, or move to admit Israel as a state in the United States where it will receive federal protection in accordance with the US Constitution.

The federal flag needs a six-pointed star!

Supporting Israeli independence or full American statehood for the Jewish nation would take a lot more work than trying to smear Ron Paul with feces from a very short stick. Like the other useful idiots parroting corporate lies as “news”, feces-smearers (schmearers?) shun heavy lifting.


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