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In Lifestyle on January 26, 2012 at 4:22 pm

With bait(ed) breath…

Be patient!

In almost eighteen months of Phyne Dyning history, no recipe has gotten more reader attention than my recent offering covering kim chee making. The past few days brought a flurry of email inquiries and hopeful requests for status reports.

The stuff is bubbling away merrily in my basement. I shall “un-cork” it in a few days.

Acquaintances are asking about “samples”…

…YES! Soon, my children, soon.

Going to the dogs…

A kind reader asks for a status report on Phyne Dyning’s dogs.

With the passing of your last old buddy, Jack, are you going to get another dog?


Not sure when the reader first stumbled into the Phyne Dyning lair, but the house “re-hounded” shortly before “Abe” passed away. The Phyne Dyning kitchen sees regular visits from HRH (Her Royal Highness) Princess Adi.

But I don't want a sister!

Adi will soon be joined by another of her species as, in a few weeks, another Phyne Dyning Road Trip will bear fruit in the form of an arrival of another greyhound…“Shai”.

More, later, on this story as it develops!

Do not read this at the supper table…

I found a copy of “Mop Men” in the bargain box of my local bookseller.

The book covers the true adventures of Crime Scene Cleaners as they mop up the immediate (and often long after the fact) effects of fatal accidents, suicides, and homicides.

The owner of the company grossed (I love words!) over $4.5M in 2009 by cleaning up the stuff most people would prefer not to know about.

Hey, somebody’s gotta do it.

Cutting the cord(less)…

Mrs. PD and I hold periodic audits of our holdings. One of the bigger line items was for wireless technology. YIKES! One of the lessons learned was that “bundling” wireless services accomplishes one thing: It keeps the cost of wireless out of view.

With wireless expenses of $50 per month for her “dumb” wireless phone and over $95 per month for my “smart” wireless phone, the line item begged for an audit.


Mrs. PD’s usage averaged about 4-5 minutes per month and mine ran in at less than a quarter of an hour! The usage gave us an effective rate of…

…about $7.50 per minute!

Our low usage belies our tendency to prefer face-to-face commo and the fact that our arm does not automatically curl toward our ears when we put the key in our car’s ignition switch.

The verdict?

TracFones for everyone and a Virgin mobile Wi-Fi ad hoc hot spot to keep my iPod’s email and browser cruising.


About one-fifth of our previous monthly wireless expenses…for both.

Cutting Cost(co)…

I have an indefinite moratorium on visiting Sam’s Club or Wal-Mart (cue up Evil Empire music). So, what does the Phyne Dyner do when he simply must have 250 pounds of feta cheese or a three-pack of mop heads? Costco.

For the past two years, the nice folks there began pestering me to “upgrade” (Or, was it “move to the next level”) to Executive Membership. Their kicker line was that I would get 2% of my purchases “back” as rebates.

Costco’sProletariat” level of membership allows the unwashed to wander among the obese clustered around the sample stands (we call them “pigeon feeders”) for $55. To shop with those who are vainly hopeful to become One

When ya gotta have a lot of peanut butter...

Percenters will cost double that.

To break even on the extra $55 for the fancy, black card, one must commit to spending $2750 more per year!

THAT, is a butt-load of cheese and mop-heads!

No thanks.


The Occupy Wall Street movement was a lot more popular than corporate-controlled media would want folks to know.  OWS was most popular among…

suburban middle class earning more than $30K/yr but less than $100K/yr, the urban working poor, Latinos, and African-Americans. (Source: BBC)

Music to get pepper-sprayed by…

While watching a PBS documentary covering the life and music of Phil Ochs, I realized how much the movement needs music. Not just any music…

…that old-timey tear gas in yer face stuff.

Now, I saw Ochs some time between 1971 and 1973…for some reason, I lack total recall of those years. Methinks it may have been in Ann Arbor or Lansing, Michigan.

And then…

The other night, I sat in my chair and wiped my eyes as I sang along with a black and white Ochs as he belted out “I Ain’t Marching Anymore”. It had been decades…

Now, more than ever, we need men and women like Ochs, Seeger, Guthrie, Dylan, Baez, and others.

Speaking of war…

Hate to break it to all the hopefuls out there…the long-anticipated war with Iran is off…

…until after 2012.


Today’s news reports out of Israel tell me that the evil Mr. Amindinajabialphabet will not have an atomic bomb until…after 2012.

Lessee…what else takes place some time in 2012?

Oh yes…American presidential ”elections”.

Speaking of Israelis…

Where do Israelis go when they want to split their ties with Israel?

Boca? Boro Park? Skokie?


GERMANY?! Why, that’s the land of the very bad man with the very funny moustache, Wagner, and all the bad Jewish history.

According to the BBC, the number one destination for Israelis of German ancestry is Germany. It seems there are a LOT of Israelis with family ties to Germany.

Who’da thunk it?

Oh, the irony…

You’d think you’d look for (religious) Jews in Israel. Yeah, and “OY-sters” should be kosher because they sound Jewish.

According to recently released results of the Gutman Center’s religion in Israel study (2009 data), 49% of Israelis are either secular or “anti-religious”. The wack-jobs wearing streimels and spitting on non-Jewish tourists only

Greeting tourists, Hareidi-style...

make up about 7% of Israel’s population.

The rest are Mesorati (“traditional”) Jews like most of us.

Over 64% of Israelis believe Conservative and Reform Jews should have equal (civil) standing to the folks dressed up like 1850s Amish.

But, guess who gets the headlines?


Some of G-d’s worst salesmen for Judaism make up the loudest, but smallest group of Israeli Jews.


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