Better Homes & Gardens Food Storage

In Shameless plug on February 9, 2012 at 11:18 am

It’s been a while since I offered up a shameless plug for a kitchen product. Given my recent experience with pantry moths, I thought I’d share a success story about a product.

Some time back, I purchased Better Homes & Gardens food storage containers. These are really nifty, semi-vacuum sealed containers for stuff prone to invasion by kitchen pests. This particular product exceeded my expectations because of a few design characteristics.

First, the tops tightly seal. The seal consists of a thick, rubber gasket. The top inserts into the container and you flip a large latch on the top. This draws the bottom of the container top upward, creating a slight vacuum and expanding the rubber gasket tightly against the container sides.

Second, (and this is way cool) the containers are made of clear, food-grade plastic. Consequently, you can see the entire gasket and whether or not a “critter” has invaded around the seal. I found a few of my supplies that I had stored in plastic, screw-top jars had been contaminated with moth larvae around their seals. The food inside was not contaminated, but merely opening the jar would probably send a shower of moth eggs into the contents. Yech! All  of the BH&G containers were 100% impervious to larvae. As a precaution, I simply wiped down each container with bleach.

The containers are available almost everywhere for $3-7 each, depending on the size.



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