Wanted posters may get interesting soon…

In Editorial on March 5, 2012 at 11:58 am

If America is right, why is our former president, George Bush (II) refusing to leave our shores for meet and greets?

Because he could be arrested for war crimes.

War crimes?

Japanese war criminal sentenced to death by an American military tribunal.

In his book, Decision Points, Bush admitted to authorizing waterboarding (torture) at the “detention” facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Torture is a war crime.

By his own words, George Bush is an admitted war criminal.

Prior to Bush’s dethronement, he was immune to prosecution under international, diplomatic law. He no longer enjoys that immunity and is now just another thug on the run.

A former US president may be wanted for war crimes? Last month, Bush refused to leave the United States for photo ops in Switzerland.

War crimes…really! But war crimes are the things “bad people” are made of. People like Pinochet, Milosevic, and Eichmann. People in funny hats (with funnier mustaches) are “war criminals”. Not a former US leader and “leader of the free world”. Why, the USA executed Japanese “war criminals”.

We wouldn’t tolerate our president to be one. Would we?

Surely Mr. Bush won’t let a few hundred “foreign protestors” keep him from shaking hands with other world leaders abroad?


Oh sure, protests would be expected. Those wacky protestors have been calling Bush a “criminal” for years. But when did protests cause a former US leader to balk at travel outside of our borders?


It has to be said: George Bush is staying home because he reasonably fears being arrested and tried on war crimes charges. Bush may have been dumb enough to admit to war crimes in his book, but he’s insufficiently stupid to risk the real possibility of arrest outside of the good ole USA.

“If you have nothing to fear, you have nothing to hide”, is a Republican (and for many Democrats) mantra. If the threat of arrest is baseless or if the charges are specious, go fight them. Isn’t that what America’s serfs are told daily?

There are huge implications. After all, America invaded Iraq (twice) to “bring Saddam to justice” and to look for (tee-hee) “WMDs”.


What would be the American reaction if a foreign military force, bent on taking the Bushlet into custody, engaged in a bit of “shock and awe” to arrest him Saddam-style? How in the heck do we hold the high moral ground if we were to repel such a force militarily?

If Bush were arrested and detained for trial as a war criminal, would America send forth Seal Team Six to spring him from an international hoos-gow?

Fellow, former fugitive.

How would history view such an attempt, or a Mossad-like raid on The Shrub a la Eichmann? Would young Americans take to the streets and chant, “USA!” while holding pictures of their former American commander in chief sitting in the dock in an orange jumpsuit?

Would President Obama agree to extradition of Bush? If Mr. Obama failed to do so, he would earn the inglorious reputation as one “harboring war criminals”. What would such a failure say about American politicians wanting to be “tough on crime”?

What would that say about our image as the world’s policemen? I mean “we’re the good guys”…right?

Golly. What if we’re not the “good guys”?

Lawfully captured and tried.

Golly! We’ve always been told we’re the good guys.

Well? Are we? What if we’re not the good guys?

What if we’re the bad guys?

Just golly!

I mean, we can’t be the “sorta good guys”, can we?



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