A new direction…

In General Information on March 7, 2012 at 12:35 pm

Phyne Dyning has never chased fads, fashions, or trends. For nearly two years, Phyne Dyning has been the non-trendy alternative to what became a plethora of foodie (I still hate the word!) and cooking blogs. While Phyne Dyning spurns trends, it does not ignore them.

The emerging trend?

The death of the food blog.

Consumers are fickle that way. CB radios one day, leisure suits the next. VHS to Beta to DVD, to Blu-ray. Psychedelic rock gave way to Archie bubble-gum hits. The food blog has simply run its course.

Oh sure, a few will remain…sadly on the periphery of popularity, like broadcast quadraphonic FM radio and Nehru jackets. Some of them will remain respectable, others will become punchlines for cooking jokes. The more successful, according to the media experts advising, will move toward the food blog’s replacement…the amateur food video a la YouTube.

I just can’t bring myself to court the trend. I just can’t.

What’s next for Phyne Dyning?

I looked over Phyne Dyning’s stats for the past year and discovered that my political curmudgeonry drew a much larger audience than recipes. It may only prove that some people will follow someone anywhere…

…out of morbid curiosity.

Or, does it?

I may be wrong (and often am), but there is an appetite among you for information and commentary related to individual freedom that the main stream simply refuses to provide. You’re fatigued with the deep divisions between us; chasms across which we yell the new pejoratives of “liberal” or “conservative” at each other…while the professional politicians raid the hen house. A growing number of Americans, Europeans, Middle-Easterners, and Asians are discovering that the “game” in which we all play linemen is being coached by a few, very wealthy and morally corrupt men and women who think, solely on the basis of wealth, that they have a divine right to own us.

We were created to be free. We are to own ourselves and to allow others to own themselves.

Every few centuries, those yearnings surface in us. We are living in those times.

The content of Phyne Dyning will change with those times.

Thanks, so much, for reading.


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