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In Editorial on April 3, 2012 at 9:04 am

[Let’s “take five” and “smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em” with a little diversion from our lessons in libertarianism. Here’s some of the stuff that makes ‘moi’ go all curmudgeon.]

Stuff that makes me gag…

About 80% of the food that comes through my front door is organically produced. Where possible, I use my organically grown herbs. The 20% that is not are typically items where I cannot find readily available unless I order it online.

Bird of the feather

Pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and other chemical glop has no place in our diets.

It’s safe to say that we like to know what goes in our food and how our food is produced.

'Benito' Branstad

Iowa’s Governor, Terry (‘Il Douche’) Branstad is doing his best to keep me from finding out about how safe (or appetizing) my food is.

Il Douche’ signed the so-called Ag-Gag law which bars people from filming, recording, or reporting on animal abuse or unsafe food production or handling, a la Geraldo Rivera or 60 Minutes covert investigations.

Next, ‘Il Douche’ calls for an investigation by the Iowa Congress into the “smear campaign” against pink slime…errr ‘finely textured lean beef’.

I once had a person publicly say terrible things about me that were false or misleading. Unfortunately, I was unaware that I could call up ‘Il Douche’ and ask for him to pressure Iowa’s Congress to investigate my libeler.

But then, I haven’t contributed $500,000 over the past ten years to G-d’s Own Party.

People have a right to know everything about the stuff they eat. If a food producer is concerned about the untruthfulness of agenda-laden advertising, they can counter with their own education program showing the health benefits of eating everything except the “moo” or “cackle”.

Tiny bubbles…

Former Clinton cabinet member and economist Robert Reich predicts that the nation’s student loan industry will become the next bubble.


The student loan sharks are joined hip and thigh with university leaders. Tuition goes up, loan eligibility goes up. Loan eligibility goes up, tuition goes up.

Out of work people are encouraged to “go back to school and retrain” for non-existent jobs. Many take out student loans to do so.

What can possibly go wrong?

Unlike the victims of the housing bubble, student borrowers will find themselves in a world of feces when the bubble bursts. Student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy and once a borrower defaults, he or she can almost be forced to eat their own entrails and be sent to an unpleasantly dark and damp cell to do it.

Draconian lending terms, stacked against student borrowers, came to the student loan banksters via their partners in crime…Congress.

Turn off the Internet porn and Google Albert Lord, the former head of student lender Sallie Mae for insights on how the student loan industry connived and bought legislation favoring their industry.

And yes, the ever-doddering Senator Chuckie Grassley (G-d’s Own Party, Iowa) and friend to banksters everywhere eagerly stood in line for an audience with student lenders.

“Arrest them all, let G-d sort it out”…

In the wake of whatever happened to result in the death of Trayvon Martin, the nature of the emerging American police state shows its face.

The state’s sycophant news organs reported:

“Michael Siegel, a former federal prosecutor who now directs the Criminal Justice Center and Clinics at the University of Florida law school, said it appears Sanford police were too quick to decide whether Zimmerman should be charged. If the evidence is murky, he said the usual practice is to make the arrest and let the court system sort it out.”

Mr. Siegel appears woefully ignorant of what used to be called probable cause to arrest.

Probable cause means that a reasonable person would look at the evidence present and conclude that 1) a crime has been committed, and 2) a person (or persons) named or known committed that crime.

If the evidence is sufficiently “murky”, there is no probable cause to arrest. In America, we have a history disdaining the arrest of folks and then setting out to find probable cause to support the arrest.

Damn that Constitution anyway.

HEY! Only WE can do that…

If Mr. Zimmerman killed the unfortunate Trayvon Martin without lawful justification, he would be a murderer. When a policeman does the same thing, the state’s law enforcement community reminds the serfs through the obedient press:

“You don’t understand the split-second response required of officers in life-and-death situations.”

Once again, take a break from Internet porn and Google up statistics on police shootings and on the growing number of botched paramilitary raids on civilians. Then try to find where the police were held accountable for their rampage.

If guilty of murder, Zimmerman could evade charges if he had the sense to get a real badge first.

John Sarcone believes the Constitution must be kept out of the courtroom…


After political activist and Occupy Des Moines sympathizer, Ed Fallon, was acquitted of trespassing charges, Polk County Prosecutor, John Sarcone decided that the pesky Constitution was to blame for the acquittal and that antiquated document must go.

Sarcone sought to remove any Constitutional references from subsequent trials of area Occupiers.

The judge hearing the case disagreed.

Sarcone’s office then attempted to change the charges to a form of trespass immune from issues of free speech and freedom of assembly.


Lead attorney for the defense, Sally Frank, observed that the ill-fated attempt by Sarcone’s cronies was akin to interchanging charges of speeding and running a stop sign “…because both are in the traffic code.”

In other news about Polk County’s prosecutor in chief: Sarcone finally got around to charging the two former police jackboots (allegedly) involved in the beating of two African-American citizens.

One may interpret from Sarcone’s actions; freedom of assembly and speech should be crimes and that agents of the state may administer citizen beat-downs at will.



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