Follow-up: Pet Murder in Austin, Texas

In General Information on April 16, 2012 at 9:00 pm

I am gob-smacked!

Here’s the dash cam recording touted by Cpl. Anthony Hipolito to show Michael Paxton’s dog “attacking” APD’s Officer Thomas Griffin.


According to a previous statement from APD’s Cpl. Anthony Hipolito, the dash cam footage should have shown Paxton’s dog, “Cisco”, aggressively attacking Officer Griffin.

It does not.

At 2min 29sec you will see Officer Griffin cross in front of his police unit (car). As he does so, he begins to unholster his firearm. Why? Seconds later, Griffin is heard yelling at (Paxton?) to stop with his hands visible. Cisco begins barking and, less than a few seconds later, a shot is fired. The whole sad story unfolded in less than twenty seconds after Officer Griffin’s arrival.

In the aftermath, Griffin is heard demanding why Paxton did not control his dog when ordered to do so. There was no such order until a millisecond before Griffin’s bullet plowed into Cisco’s chest. Griffin made it up. He also made up a version of the story where he knocked on doors looking for a domestic dispute. The original call was allegedly about a man “carrying a spear” and threatening a female companion. Where’s the spear, Officer Griffin?

Griffin then resorts to accusations that Cisco should have been “on a leash” even though the pet was in his own yard.

PLEASE watch the footage entirely.

Officer Thomas Griffin (Austin, Texas) is a coward and a felonious animal abuser. In Waco, Texas several years ago, several Baylor University students were charged with felony animal abuse after they shot a cat with a pellet gun.

Demand justice for Cisco!


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