Special Report: Scaredy-cat Cop Kills Pet

In General Information on April 16, 2012 at 5:43 pm

A few minutes earlier...

Last Saturday, Michael Paxton of East Austin, Texas was enjoying a game of “Frisbee” with his Australian cattle dog, “Cisco”. Paxton left Cisco to get something from his parked truck. Minutes later, Cisco was dead of a gunshot wound allegedly fired by an Austin PD police officer.

The officer had been dispatched to a neighbor’s house on a call about a domestic assault. Unfortunately for Cisco, the officer had the wrong house.

The unidentified officer confronted Paxton and ordered him to stop and keep his hands visible. Cisco heard the commotion and did what dogs do; he investigated and began barking at the intruder confronting his human playmate.

According to news reports, Paxton stated that the officer “appeared fearful” and had already drawn his firearm (although he was armed with non-lethal pepper spray and a Taser). Paxton pleaded with the out of control officer not to shoot his dog. The officer fired one round, striking Cisco in the chest, killing him almost instantly.

I cannot imagine the horror and heartbreak of Cisco’s human friend, who was “detained” at gunpoint for investigation of an incident in which he had no part, and wholly unable to go to Cisco’s side.

Austin PD: "The dog failed to comply with officer commands."

The involved officer was unapologetic and his responding supervisor comforted his colleague and reassured the officer, “You did the right thing”.

The right thing?

It was an Australian cattle dog. They are a non-aggressive herding breed. They bark and make noise. Having worked cattle with these dogs, I am certain that Cisco was not being aggressive. He was simply attempting to herd the intruder away from his human friend.

Give an easily frightened person a gun, and it is a certain recipe for disaster.

And that’s the problem with many of today’s police officers. They walk around in a steady state of fear, hyped on a hero image they did not earn. In the police culture, it’s “us versus them” and their colleagues will be doing all of the investigating whenever deadly force is used.

Austin police say they are “investigating” and hinted that Paxton’s allegations were untrue and were perhaps motivated by an unstated “legal issue” involving Paxton.

The story about Cisco’s killing has gone viral and tens of thousands have rallied for an explanation.

The official statement from the authorities will find no fault with Officer Chicken Little and a preliminary statement fromCpl. Anthony Hipolitobears this out. Hipolito states the police officers dash-cam showed “the dog clearly attacking the officer as he retreated and ‘asked’ the owner to restrain the dog”. Hipolito also says “the officer is devastated” by the outcome.

Sure he is. Sure he is.

Show up at the wrong house, kill the occupant’s dog, go to the station to get the story right, and back to the doughnut shop for after-action laughs. Despite having non-lethal alternatives, another terrified cop with a hero-complex shoots a pet.

“Ba-BLAM! I waxed that mutt right where he stood, ’cause I’m the MAN!”

It happens all the time now.


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