Same sheet, different day…

In Editorial on April 27, 2012 at 12:26 pm

Oh, so now you give a rat’s tukkes?

Our Messiah in Chief, Barack Obama, suddenly began enthusiastically courting younger voters with promises to curtail planned increases in student loan interest due to take place on July 1, 2012.

The effect of the increase could about double monthly payments for student borrowers.

Until “Uncle Barack’s” poll numbers among young voters began to reflect that their demographic had caught on that Mr. Hope-n-Change offered no real change and even less hope, Obama took no notice of student lending.

Now, Obama is all outrage and promises to stop the interest hike.

This is the same Barack whose Department of Homeland Security ruthlessly encouraged the jackbooted thugs masquerading as police officers to violently suppress Occupy demonstrations around America. Obama’s praetorians also provided local “authorities” with suggestions to bus mentally ill homeless folks into Occupy campsites.

Most of both sides of congress, especially Iowa’s Chuck Grassley, have been all snuggly with the likes of loan shark Albert Lord (CEO of student loan servicer, SallieMae) and banksters like Wells Fargo.

Now, they want to snuggle up with those of us sympathetic to the Occupy movement?

I think not.

Pink slime is good for you!

Iowa’s governor for life, Terry Branstad (Il Douche), mounted his perpetual bully pulpit to cry praises for pink slime…errrr…”finely textured lean beef” (FTLB).

It's whats for dinner.

A few days ago, tests of a miniscule number of American cattle turned up a bovine suffering from bovine spongiform encephalitis (BSE)…Mad Cow Disease.

FTLB comes from parts of cow carcass that are normally relegated to pet food and fertilizer. Much of the so-called “meat” finding its way into pink slime comes from around the central nervous system of the cow.

BSE, a prion disease, “lives” in and about the central nervous system of cows. Prions are not living organisms and are not quite viruses. In fact, there really isn’t much known about the little nasties…except that they are damned hard to destroy.

Embalmers are cautioned that prions are not inactivated by formaldehyde used to preserve human remains and that even embalmed bodies should be carefully handled to prevent contact with nervous system tissue.

So, if formaldehyde won’t touch prions, I’m sure a “little puff” of ammonia gas into whatever “meat” is gleaned from nerve tissue of cows probably won’t touch them either.

But Branstad insists the stuff is “safe” and he claims to eat it regularly.

Another mystery explained.

Speaking of Mad Cows…

Chief Bradshaw

Not much is seen of Des Moine’s Chief of Police, Judy Bradshaw. She must be down in “engineering” doing damage control.

Her branch of America’s legal street gang is coming under pressure because one of her officers, Brandon Singleton, has a penchant for crashing police cruisers and traveling with recreational street drugs on duty.

Since two of Bradshaw’s officers are famed for (allegedly) using African-American motorists as punching bags and are also accused of (allegedly) lying to their own department investigators about the incident, it seems Bradshaw may have a bit of a problem in her department. Then, of course, there was the (alleged) incident involving a DMPD undercover officer driving drunk down I-235 at a high rate of speed. His fellow gangstas of West Des Moines PD saw to it that he made it home without facing charges.

Nope, nothing to see here folks. Now, move along.

Singleton is currently on paid leave from DMPD and was “cited” for drug possession and numerous traffic charges. As usual, Singleton is being investigated by his fellow gang members and his father holds the rank of major within the department.

We are assured the investigation will be objective and thorough.

[A brief delay as I went to fetch a towel to wipe my spat coffee off of my monitor and out of my keyboard.]

According to reports in the Des Moines Register Bradshaw’s department has not been very cooperative with the citizens whose car Singleton plowed into in one of his three, duty-related crashes since joining the department in

"Officer" Singleton

2007. The department has been foot-dragging its providing of incident reports to the involved citizens.

“Ho-hum”, sez Judy.

The alleged drugs Singleton was in possession of?


Oh yes…and meth. Readers may recall that Pleasant Hill, Iowa’s finest also had an officer (allegedly) whacked on meth (or in possession of meth) when he tanked his cruiser.

Yessiree! Give a good ole Iowa Boy a two-ton, high speed police cruiser…and lethal weapons…along with a bit of meth on the side.

What could possibly go wrong?

There is only one truly libertarian response to such police conduct.

Give every central Iowa meth user a firearm just like those carried by the local police.

It’s only fair.

If you’re going to arm one group of idiots, you have to arm them all.

If he was using drugs, he’d have an excuse for saying stupid things.

The landlocked suburb of Windsor Heights, Iowa is just slightly larger than the Sam’s Club and Wal Mart parking lots within it. It’s chief of police, Dennis McDaniel, is just itchin’ to get his mitts on some Gatso cameras as a fund-raiser for “his” few hundred meters of interstate running through his happy little hamlet.

In an April 10, 2012 Des Moines Register interview with McDaniel, he articulated what he sees as priorities for his department:

Citizen safety?


Police integrity?


Officer accountability?




Here is the question posed by the Register in an interview with Chief McDaniel:

A citizen being "trained" to know his place.

Q. What are some of your other priorities for Windsor Heights?

A. We are looking at being the most well-rounded agency we can be. I believe very strongly the police department has the responsibility to train its citizens.

“Train” its citizens?

Chief, do you mean to teach us some tricks? Or, are you referring to the necessary skills required of ordinary citizens to “GET ON THE F—CKING GROUND!” when ordered to do so by a police officer under the influence of methamphetamine?

Chief, citizens are not to be “trained” by the police. In America, it works the other way around.

That McDaniel said such a thing while (presumably) sober is deeply troubling.


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