Lint Lizard! The perfect gift for Yom Kippur.

In Reviews, Shameless plug on May 29, 2012 at 5:24 pm

It’s been a few months since Phyne Dyning gave its less than favorable review of Eggies and I’ve been hankering for another household labor-saving device from the genre of As Seen on TV.

This time, I chose…

The Lint Lizard.

It’s another one of those late-night temptations for insomniacs who are just sleep-deprived enough to believe an Eggies pitch.

For the record, I like fire. I like fire in the fireplace, in my furnace, in the barbeque grill, and atop candles. Fire, in a clothes dryer vent? Not so much.

Okay, I don’t obsess about vent fires and I really hadn’t given them much thought until after watching a Lint Lizard pitch at 3am. But, I have to admit that I began to contemplate how long it had been since I cleaned out our dryer vent.


The job always seemed a bit daunting. You have to take down the pipe and run a long brush on a stiff wire through it. There are bends and other obstacles to make the job even less pleasant. Life as a low-altitude chimney sweep held no appeal for me.

The Lint Lizard had a manly appeal.

You hook it up to your vacuum and poke a tube around in the dryer and suck up satisfying clumps of lint.

The device now made the chore appealing to most men. It now had 1) motorized equipment and 2) a phallic substitute.

I just had to try the Lint Lizard.  It was conveniently priced identically to the ill-fated Eggies. I snatched one up.

At home, I opened up the box to see if the product looked as promised.

It did!

No small parts. The instructions were quick and easy to follow. The Lint Lizard itself looked like something a small boy would put together if he were left unsupervised in the plumbing department of Home Depot.

I assembled my Lint Lizard without referring to the instructions. C’mon, it’s a tube. What could be so hard about it?

I spent the next half-hour chasing the dog with it, hooting into it like a cut-rate shofar.

TERUAH! (That’s Jewish Insider-Speak for one of the series of tones blown on Yom Kippur…sort of Biblical Hebrew Morse Code.)

No, my little greyhound gal was not amused.

I restrained myself sufficiently so not to embarrass myself by actually taking the thing outside and blowing into it. It does have a wonderfully annoying pitch when properly blown, just like a shofar. But, I gave up on the idea of a Jewish bagpipe ensemble and took the Lint Lizard into the basement for its intended purpose.

It hooked up to my vacuum in seconds. In less than a minute, I pulled out the dryer lint trap and started sucking lint.

Thup! Thup! Thup!

The Lint Lizard gave a satisfying recoil each time it met with a clump of dangerously flammable dryer lint. I pulled down the vent pipe and snaked the lizard into it.

The job was done in minutes.

Always one to use tools for their intended purposes, I retrieved my $250 rifle bore scope and peered around in the pipe and in the dryer.

No lint.

Hey! It works!

I opened the vacuum and found the bag packed with dryer lint.

The verdict?

The Lint Lizard is a fun and practical way to keep dryer vents clear of potentially flammable lint

I like it.

At $10, the price is reasonable and low enough to keep folks in Arkansas from trying to build copycat lizards from discarded still parts.

For 20-bucks, you could also amuse yourself for several hours by buying one of these and a sixer of Red Bull for the neighbor kid.


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