Spammers need not apply…

In General Information on July 13, 2012 at 12:21 pm

Spam is an expected side effect to running up a blog, especially if the blog solicits reader comments.

A particularly noxious bit of “professional advice” given to novice bloggers is an encouragement that they comment on as many blogs as possible, thereby “driving” readers of those blogs to the blog of the commenter.

Consequently, Phyne Dyning gets its expected share of spam, usually from folks peddling precious metals (whom the Phyne Dyner calls “un-precious meddlers”). But if these folks really have “inside information” or have superior intellects which enable them to amass fortunes in precious metals, why aren’t they smart enough to recognize that their spam will never see pixels on these pages?

I know, it’s a matter of numbers for them. They blast out thousands of comments to blogs, sometimes cutting and pasting from the blog article itself, hopeful that they will drive the blog’s readers to their site where they can “put the peddle on the metal”. But, sheesh, it’s futile.

I receive genuine comments from readers and the Phyne Dyner reads each one of them. But, comments almost never get “approved” to appear with the article.

It just takes too much time. Besides, it’s my blog and I’ll run it as well (or as poorly) as I wish.

So if you’ve come here in the hopes of posting a comment you hope will bring more traffic to your online enterprises, yer outta luck.

You’ll only get put in the trash que with all those Nigerian princes and fugitive lottery winners.

It is what it is.


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