Something new is coming to Phyne Dyning

In General Information on July 26, 2012 at 5:15 pm

Remember the scene in the mid-90s movie “Tombstone” where Wyatt Earp visits a slowly dying Doc Holiday and they discuss their years of shared mayhem? Earp asks Holiday why he was so reliable whenever he (Earp) ran into problems that usually involved shootouts with a rival gang. Doc replies, “Because you are my friend.”

Earp retorts with a laugh, “Friend? Hell, I have lot’s of friends.”

Holiday looks at Earp without a trace of a smile on his face and says, “I don’t.”

I can count my friends on one (and a half) hands. “Friends” are friends, not of the phony Facebook kind. My minute number of friends are folks I could call at 2am, on any given day, and the person on the other end of the line would immediately come fully alert and ask (within ten seconds of picking up the phone), “How can I help?” My friends have a similar, reciprocal expectation. Neither side seeks to inject itself into the affairs of the other.

It is no small matter that six, of seven, of my friends are Marines. Aside from my years as a stooge for the State (Praetorian policeman), I never picked up a weapon for the empire. Quite the opposite. I deliberately evaded conscription by the empire by signing aboard a merchant freighter. My Marine friends don’t hold that against me.

Marines know friendship and loyalty. Those are part of their characters long before the empire turns them into imperial troopers. And, so yes, there are shitbirds among Marines. But I have been fortunate that my little “corps” of friends does not contain one.

One of my Marine friends introduced me to “Gunny”, a gentleman with an easy smile and a squint that can read a man better than a polygraph. Just standing a few feet from him, you can feel something intense about him.

The man is fiercely devoted to individual freedom. Not only that, he’s devoted to my (and your) freedom too…provided you have the backbone to stand up for a bit of it. If you’re lukewarm about such things, the man will scare the laundry off of you.

Scared people will make up all sorts of lies so they won’t have to admit that they’re scared. Scared people resort to weasel words or maligning that which frightens them.

Gunny has been called a racist, homophobe, and any number of contemporary pejoratives intended to silence and put the feared thing at bay…usually via a club wielded by the State.

My first direct interaction with Gunny came after I clicked on a link on his website that took me to material about Holocaust denier, Ernst Zundel. I wrote to him and asked something on the order of, “How can you lead people to a known liar and a maggot of the first magnitude?” He wrote back, “Shouldn’t a maggot be allowed to speak, even if it is only in maggotese?”

There was no lecture. No attempt to sell Holocaust denial. He didn’t call me a spineless maggot. His gentle rebuke resonated with me. Popularity, now called “political correctness” should not determine whether someone should be allowed to speak. If I disagree with what is said, I am always free to stop listening.

That said, he and I do not agree. Gunny subscribes to anarcho-capitalism and I am a libertarian socialist. He knows more about both than do I…he holds a PhD in economics (Most of you have been conditioned to glaze over whenever someone utters “economics”. That was an intended part of your indoctrination.). But neither one of us has much use for trying to force each other into (my term) our respective communes. True libertarians (dare I say, “anarchists”) can live amicably ‘across the hollow’ from each other, they can trade with each other, and they can be friends…without getting pissy about the economic system they embrace.


Anarcho-capitalism is for “them”. So long as they don’t try to force it (capitalism) upon me (thereby negating the “anarcho” portion), we be friends. My little group can happily pool resources and accept new members who are willing to contribute to the shared pot (“From each, according to his ability. To each, according to how hard he worked.”). There will be peace so long as my socialist colleagues don’t try to force our economic system on them…no matter how much each side is convinced of the “superiority” of our respective systems.

So, what’s the news?

I hope to bring some of Gunny’s material to Phyne Dyning.Some readers will find it too frank, too honest, and too challenging to the sacred cows that live inside their heads.

I hope not. You’ve learned not to glaze over or shout derisively at me from the cheap seats when something I say doesn’t mix well with whatever notions you hold sacred and inviolable.

Enough with the sales pitch. You’ll like ‘im or you’ll hate ‘im.

As always, that’s your choice.

Now, let me see what I can get done with this!




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