Introducing: Flyover Press vs “My Cold Dead Hands”

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[Editor’s Note: Dr. Jimmy T. “Gunny” Labaume is a retired professor of economics. He struggled to survive almost 30 years as an imperial trooper in the Marines and finally ‘up and quit’ when, “I got tired of committing treason”. He writes passionately about individual freedom from the perspective of an anarcho-capitalist of the von Mises school. In a bit of irony, Labaum’s question, “What will it take?”, sounds much like what libertarian socialist, Mikhail Bakunin, was saying when he stated:

“Anyone who makes (only) plans for after the revolution is a reactionary.”

The point is: A lot of libertarians make (and write extensively about) bold designs for the world “after the state has been vanquished”, but they are often murky on how to bring about the end of the state or even how to live as freely as possible while the state still exists.]

Here it is, Phyne Dyners, your link to one line of subversive thought. I’ve known “Gunny” (Dr. Jimmy T.) Labaume for almost ten years. I’ve been an email subscriber to his “FlyoverPress” for almost as long. (You have to knock on his electronic door, and ask, to be put on his subscriber list.) A word of warning if you knock on that door and ask to be admitted to his online anarcho-capitalist university…

…If you are lukewarm about your natural rights or if you harbor sacred cows about the “necessity” of the state, you’re not going to enjoy his stuff. If certain words cause your panties to bunch up, do yourself a favor and go back to Rush or the Huffington Post.

Labaume and I agree on much and we disagree on quite a bit too. When we disagree, I have to give him credit for making me think.

In recent weeks, Labaume has been asking the “from my cold, dead hands” crowd, “What will it take? (For you to move from talking, to doing, in response to the growing police state.)

His question (challenge) made the hair stand up on the back of my neck: Was he advocating anti-government violence?

I have two rules of thumb about people who incite violence: 1) The inciter is either an agent of the state, or he is a useful idiot provocateur for the state; or, 2) The inciter is mentally unbalanced. Like everyone else, I get out of the way of a crazy man.

Then, I understood his challenge.

There are a lot of folks gussied up in t-shirts stamped with the Gadsden Flag. Go to any gun range and there’ll be at least 9 out of 15 shooters (universally obese and loud) carrying on about how they’ll blow “all them Yoo En bastards and their commie sympathizing slugs to Hell when they come for my guns”.

Labaume’s point was/is, “You’ve been fine with all of the other incursions on your liberty, so far. Why should I believe that you’ll even show up?”

It’s a good point.

Very few of the “cold dead hands” crowd ever bothered to send a sternly worded letter to the editor under their own names. They scrape and bow to the state for concealed carry permits. They submit to background checks to buy a gun. In short, there is not much in their history to suggest that, if the bullets fly, they’d show up, dressed up in their Cheaper Than Dirt surplus cammy-jammies with/or without their tricked out AR-15, AK, or SKS.

Compare the dismal record of the “from my cold dead hands” crowd of NRA members to the record of Megan Rice…err, make that Sister Megan Rice.

Sister Megan Rice (New York Times Photo)

Rice strongly believes in civil disobedience and has been arrested no less than 50 times for bucking the state on peace issues. Her last arrest was last week, when she and two companions broke into the Oak Ridge, Tennessee site where the central state assembles parts for its most fearsome nuclear weapons.

Two “youngsters”, aged 57 and 63, accompanied Sister Megan as she waited for the heavily armed facility guards; whom we are supposed to believe would magically intercept America-hating jihadists. (They had a hard time finding an elderly Catholic nun and two senior citizen hippies in tie-dye t-shirts!)

I’ll see your “Don’t tread on me” bumper sticker and raise you my 82 year-old nun. How big do your balls feel now?

Okay, I understand, we’re all pretty law-abiding (peaceful). We’ve got jobs, families, pets, and a bass boat. We’re not really looking forward to a stint in Uncle Barack’s Iron Bars Inn.

But can’t you do something to bolster your “cold dead hands” credibility?

I know, let’s start easy.

The latest, local state fundraiser involves the use of red light cameras and mobile (photo) speed traps. These “automated enforcement devices” are almost universally hated by libertarians. How can you fight back?

If the profit goes out of a venture, it will likely go away.


Drive a consistent 5mph below the posted limit and stop making right turns on red.

Check your local vehicle code and you’ll learn that “right on red” is not mandatory. Your state law likely says (as here in Iowa) you “may” turn right on red, not “shall” turn right on red. Then, stop making right turns on red at ALL stop lights (You never know where the next state fund-raiser will be!)

The mook behind you is laying on the horn? So what? Let him get a ticket because the goon behind the camera isn’t cutting breaks that day.

Driving 5mph protects you pretty well against getting a speeding ticket. All we have is the word of a bureaucrat who says there’s an 11mph “grace” before tickets are generated.

“Hey guys! We’re running a little short on the budget, let’s cut the grace to 7mph and just not tell anyone.”

Think they won’t do it?

Let the jerk in the car behind you, the one flashing his lights and “drafting” you like a NASCAR racer, pass you up and get the ticket.

You can even put on your camo and yell, “Sic semper tyrannis!” or “Wolverines!” if you need feel like Mad Max or a real freedom fighter.

The point is, do something. Just taking one step in the cause of something you believe will make you bolder to take the next step.

Nuns know this.

Now, let’s up the ante:

Uncle Barack made sure we’ll all have health insurance. Uncle Barack wants his health plan to be streamlined and efficient.

About 50% of Americans, and about 99% of “cold dead hands” people don’t want Uncle Barack running the colonoscopy clinic.

At the same time, Uncle Barack wants all doctors and other providers to have easily accessed electronic medical records. Eventually, Uncle Barack hopes to “securely store” your medical records in his kryptonite-lined safe, right next to the Federal Reserve notes in helicopter-ready bags…

And probably guarded by the same jokers who couldn’t find the aging hippies or a nearly mummified nun as they read Psalms and hung up peace banners at a nuke facility.

Sounds like a health plan that the “cold dead hands” guys would probably not want to see happen.

What to do? What to do?

Let’s start by obfuscating the system.

If your doc is using electronic records, take some time to make sure his records are accurate. At your next appointment, take about an hour or two to fill in all of the blanks. Be sure the clinic is full of sick people first. Go back and change your answers a few times. Ask LOTS of questions of the doctor’s staff.

“I once had a boil on the end of my penis. Is that a sign of something I should put down?”

You get the idea?


Encourage people not to vote in the upcoming presidential (s)election.

The lesser of two evils is still an evil, no? If you can’t go into a voting booth without holding your nose, don’t go in.

It is not (yet) against the law not to vote. C’mon, this is easy stuff!

Keep a little journal of your acts of civil disobedience. Bring it to the next match at the gun range. Pull it out of one of the many pockets on your wannabe BDUs and pass it around.

Maybe then, just maybe, you’ll have some credibility.

Until then, a nun owns your ass.


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