Asparagus steamer re-purposed

In Tips and Hints on October 10, 2012 at 11:35 am

Between seasons for fresh asparagus, my asparagus steamer once sat on its shelf as a curiosity for my kitchen guests.

One day, as I pondered hard boiling some eggs, my eyes swept over the tall pot with its inner basket. Hard boiled eggs are not a culinary challenge:

Boiling water + eggs + time = success.

The inner basket of most asparagus steamers will hold 4-6 extra-large eggs and sufficient water to cover them. Simply fill the pot to a level 2-3 inches above the eggs and insert the basket with its eggs for cooking. When the eggs have cooked for the desired time, remove the basket and fill the pot with COLD water. Plunge the basket back into the cold water.

This last step keeps the hard yolks from discoloring.

Cooking time is reduced because you’re using less cooking water volume and cleanup is a breeze.



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