War on (the) homeless and war on (the) hungry

In Editorial on October 16, 2012 at 12:31 pm

I had often wondered why suicide was made illegal. Don’t we own ourselves?

Nearly every major religion makes suicide taboo to its adherents. But here, in the USA, we are alleged to have separation between the state and religion. So, why is it a crime to take your own life?

For the same reason it is illegal, in many places, to feed the homeless.

Las Vegas and Orlando, among others, have made it illegal for kind-hearted people to feed the homeless. Those who dared to feed the hungry outside of the states official feeding stations have been fined and jailed. Why?

Prohibitions against feeding the down and out were justified via the universal trump card of the new, American state…

…”public health and safety”. (Readers will recall that ‘threats to public health and safety’ were the default reasons for the central state’s brutal suppression of Occupy demonstrations.)

It’s ‘unsafe’ to feed people in ‘unauthorized’ areas and it might even be ‘unhealthy’ too. Therefore, a police response is needed and persons putting the health and safety of the state at risk should be heavily fined or even caged.

Obviously, the state’s apologists never gave much thought to the idea that being hungry is a health hazard too.

But why would the state make compassion illegal?

Author Tom Rob Smith writes reality-based novels set in the post-Stalin Soviet Union. The protagonist in his book Child-44 and its sequel The Secret Speech is a former member of the MGB (Ministry of State Security until 1953) turned militia homicide investigator.

In Soviet Russia, police homicide bureaus were covert for the same reason it is illegal to kill yourself, feed the homeless, or protest the looting of the 99% by the 1% elites

Smith writes of a suicide in the opening pages of his book:

“The suicide of their father might end their careers and destroy their prospects. Suicide, attempted suicide, depression – even vocalizing the desire to end your life – all these things were interpreted as slanders against the State. Suicide, like murder, had no place in the evolution of a higher society.”

First, feeding the homeless is an admission of state failure and is a tangible representation of its failure to create a higher (utopian) society. Why would anyone be somewhat depressed, let alone suicidal, in an America.

Second, private charities purposed to feed the hungry underscores the failure of the welfare state. You just can’t have ordinary folks out there passing out food, fighting a War on Poverty, and turning the state’s victory into a public display of its defeat.

There should be no downcast faces and no hollow eyes of hunger. America is a paradise!

After all, you can (are expected to) buy any amusing do-dad you like? There is no housing crisis. The crash is over. All is well!

Those Occupiers?

They are nothing but “malcontents”, “freeloaders”, “living in their parent’s basements”, “unwashed hippies”, and people “unfit to hold a job”. The pejorative mantra was picked up across the entire state-worshiping political spectrum. From the left, came accusations that the movement harbored ‘neo-Nazis”. From the right, came charges that their ranks were filled with ‘mini-Marxists’.

The state successfully repurposed the movement into pariahs, despite the movement’s congruence across the American political spectrum from Communists to Tea Partiers.

People sucked up the lies fed to them by the puppet media. It was just too depressing not to. It was un-American to admit failure.

The evidence was out there during every rush hour. The Occupiers were wrong about everything!

The masses marched happily to their cubicles, contributed labor (or earnings) to the state as expected, and used the remainder of their paychecks to buy bric-a-brac and electronic do-dads from China. All is well.

Isn’t it?

Suicides, homeless people, and angry protesters belie that something is amiss in the kingdom. The serfs are unhappy.

How dare they show it!


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