Police Misconduct: What would decent people do?

In Lifestyle on November 2, 2012 at 11:52 am

“Therefore, you shall be more cursed than the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. If you till the soil, it shall no longer yield its strength to you. You shall become a ceaseless wanderer on earth.”  Genesis 4:11-12

Last night, after an exhausting day of hanging around, I sat down to watch television’s performing fleas as they presented the local news.

There would likely be: Exhortations for the lemmings to appoint their choice of proxy thieves next Tuesday, exhortations to buy something (anything!) during the upcoming holiday season (“The Holy Days of Avarice”), and maybe a film segment showing a waterskiing squirrel.

I hit two out of three pitches. The ‘sentencing’ of a former local cop, Brandon Singleton, displaced video footage of the other, more talented rodent.

Singleton had been arrested at least three times, once after his fellow gang members found marijuana and methamphetamine in his (wrecked) patrol car last April. There were separate arrests for domestic abuse. And, from August 2012, three counts of illegal firearms possession.

If he had not been a member of the costumed caste he would have faced up to sixteen years in a cage.

He got three years of probation.

Another local copper, Brian Mathis, left his canine partner in a sweltering cruiser (until the animal’s brain cooked) was ‘punished’ with a three-day suspension. Taxpayers, on the other hand, will be punished by having to pony up $19,000 (per canine car!) for alarms to prevent other, similarly slow-witted officers from baking their own pooches.

In New Mexico, a Praetorian allegedly used his Taser on a 100-pound, ten year-old boy after the kid refused to…(No kidding!) “…wash the officer’s patrol car during a school career day”.

(Suggested career day presentation for LEOs: “Kids, do you enjoy killing neighborhood pets? Do you like to use words like ‘submission’ and ‘control’? Do you find yourself strangely attracted to gladiator movies and leather outerwear? You may want to consider a career as an American law enforcer!”)

Police abuse and misconduct has become a dominant part of the daily news diet fed to Americans. There doesn’t seem to be much backlash. The immaculately coiffed newscaster caste continues to heap praise on their heroes. Even people who are outraged by increasing levels of police savagery carefully couch their outrage with the weasel words, “…most police officers are decent people.”

No, they are not! ‘Decent people’ do not remain silent when someone misbehaves in an socially egregious manner.

Tasering a child is not acceptable. Shooting pets during botched paramilitary raids is not acceptable. Beating an innocent motorist with a baton “like he was chopping wood” is not acceptable. Blindly shooting (and killing) a suicidal man with a ‘mystery round’ is not acceptable.

Decent people would not keep company with brutes.

Dr. Jimmy LaBaume repeatedly asks his readers, “What will it take?”

When I turn (against my better judgment) to the reader comments pages of articles detailing police abuse, misconduct, and the double standard of justice I read: “If that was my kid, that cop would (fill in the brave punishment to be dealt out).”

I call bullshit.

No. They would drop trou and submissively present their anuses to the buzz-cutted man wearing a stenciled polo shirt and wrap-around sunglasses. You want proof? Millions of ‘good’ mothers and fathers stand by every day as perverts in TSA costume palpate the genitalia of their pre-pubescent children. ‘Men’ who would slap the laundry off of a schmoe who dared say ‘fuck’ in front of their wives will dutifully stand back, absent of any of the serenity that comes with knowing they are a male and a dutiful husband, while a uniformed goon paws her breasts…in front of 100 to 500 ogling strangers. The best most of them can do is to mew pathetically, “Most of them are good people doing a difficult job.

Oh, really?

[Important point follows! How many police administrators, police merit boards, command personnel, or line officers have spoken in outrage about dual standards of justice and the increasing pattern of official brutality?]

What’s the answer?

HINT: “None”.

Therefore, logically, those who remain silent are as guilty as those who beat, shoot, and unlawfully detain fellow human beings. They are not ‘good people doing a difficult job’.

What should a decent person do? Is there a non-violent way to counter official violence and purloined justice?

“The L-rd said to him, ‘I promise, if anyone kills Cain, sevenfold vengeance shall be taken on him.”  Genesis 4:15

I already told you! “Decent people would not keep company with brutes.”

Shunning, or outcasting, is an efficient and non-violent means of dealing with unrepentant, uncivilized behavior by others.

Shun them. All of them. If they were ‘decent’ they would not silently stand by in the face of injustice and brutality.

“But…but…but…what about the nice guys who are police officers?”

There are none.

For readers who stumbled here because they mis-clicked the link for Dancing with the Stars updates, I will repeat my central hypothesis: “Decent people would not keep company with brutes.”

I’ll up the ante: If you are unwilling to shun the brutes (all of them) you will not do any of the brave things you threaten in your testosterone-soaked rants that follow, “If it happened to me…”.


If you are willing, here are some suggestions, should you embark on standing up for non-violence, justice, and human decency. It’s really quite simple to have nothing to do with an outcast or member of a pariah caste:

–       If a gang member is also a member of your social organization, gun club or bowling team, throw them out. Lose their membership application. Force them to associate with their own.

–       Do not buy goods or services from gang members. Many of them moonlight to make ends meet. Force them to depend on their state-issued blood money for subsistence.

–       If a gang member sits next to you in a house of worship, get up and move.

–       If a gang member attempts to engage you in ‘friendly banter’, ignore him/her.

–       Don’t frequent places where gangsters hang out.

–       Stop giving to their ‘youth activities’ and, by all means, do not allow your own child to participate in them.

–       Don’t offer assistance to gang members if their car breaks down, they need a babysitter, or if their cruiser needs washing.

–       Don’t give ‘discounts’ to gang members. Better yet, refuse to sell to them altogether.

–       Be civil (not to be confused with ‘subservient’) to, but do not associate with the families of gang members. Make it clear why you are uncomfortable in mingling with them. You do not have to be polite to the gang member. Ignoring him/her in any casual setting will be sufficient to make your point.

–       Above all, in whatever shunning device you use, make it clear that the shunning is directly tied to their status as gang members. If they reform, by quitting their gang membership, welcome them back (sincerely) to the ranks of human beings.

–       If your family member (G-d forbid!) is a gang member, let them celebrate Christmas, birthdays, and other special events with their own kind.

Decent people would not keep company with brutes. It is hopeful mythology to think that, by associating with brutes, your decency will rub off on them. More likely, it will work the other way around.

I can hear the keening already…

…”But what if they’re gang members and they’re nice people trying to change things from the inside? Or, what if they’re solidly pro-liberty?”

They would not own, or wear, a state costume. Yes, it’s really that simple.

Decent people would not keep company with brutes.

Now, go out there and be a decent person.


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