The new and improved Flyover Press!

In General Information, Shameless plug on December 17, 2012 at 2:31 pm

The Masthead for Flyover Press

Just a reminder to Phyne Dyning subscribers and readers, Flyover Press is moving.

My friend, Dr. Jimmy LaBaume, is ending Flyover’s long-time run as an emailed libertarian resource and has relocated to WordPress at the URL .

Phyne Dyning will maintain a hotlink at the top of our pages for folks who may lose track of Flyover or who have not yet subscribed.

Dr. LaBaume is a retired professor of economics at Sul Ross State University. He now teaches Austrian school economics as developed by Ludwig von Mises and his student, Murray Rothbard. Classes meet daily and consist of independent readings with commentary from Dr. LaBaume liberally sprinkled throughout.

There are no examinations! LaBaume leaves matters of student attrition to the principles of natural selection.

And, now, the Shameless Plug:

Flyover Press is an excellent resource for individuals interested in anarcho-capitalism, as well as garden-variety anarchism.

As a resource for those interested in libertarian-socialism, Phyne Dyning regularly harvests material from Flyover (with permission) for republication and commentary from the libertarian-socialist perspective. Phyne Dyning is a regular submitter to Flyover Press and is proud to have material published next to libertarian giants like Lew Rockwell and economic powerhouses like Thomas Sowell. The anarcho-capitalists at The Dollar Vigilante make regular appearances on Flyover as well.

The ride can get bumpy on Flyover. If you are uncomfortable with ‘forbidden’ words, anarchist philosophy, or ideology disloyal to the central state…you may be aghast at what you’ll find on LaBaume’s site. The best advice I can offer, if you fit in the easily offended category, is to leave the Flyover site without comment. The doctor has a low tolerance for fools and cranks.

All of that said, Phyne Dyning is not a fawning fan or sycophant of LaBaume and Flyover. Phyne Dyning promotes libertarianism in the economic style of Bakunin and Kropotkin. Although there are some similarities, von Mises and Rothbard are favored by LaBaume. Key to our agreement is the concept that all economic systems must be entirely voluntary and that the state is the greatest enemy of man’s full potential.

I encourage my readers to head on over to Flyover. Like decent whiskey, it is a stout drink and it may burn a little on the way down. But it’s damned good stuff.

  1. Those are about the most flattering words I have ever had spoken about me or my web site. I do appreciate them.

    Like you, I don’t like fawning fans or sycophants. It is a meritocracy where we live. And that is why I am always proud to re-publish your writings (rantings?) on Flyover-press.

    Thanks for the support and I will do my best to return it.

    Yours for freedom in our lifetimes.

    jtl, 419

  2. Meritocracy indeed! Flyover deserved some promotion and my sincere compliments. And thanks for your support of Phyne Dyning.

    Keep getting the word out. People out there are hungry for an alternative to the state. It is encouraging to see that anarcho-capitalism and libertarian socialism are gaining enough of a following to warrant being declared ‘dangerous’.


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