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The following was originally posted last November. Until the conclusion of the 2012 presidential (s)election, a dutiful media predicted that Christmas-season shoppers would buy slave-produced Chinese crappola by the metric ton. Those sales did not materialize and the dutiful media attributed it to everthing from “the looming fiscal cliff” to “the Sandy Hook massacre”…anything BUT the impending economic implosion.

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If the corporate media is to be believed (WINK!), the Occupy Wall Street spin-off “Buy Nothing Day” held last Friday was…

…a bust for OWS-ers.  Lame-stream media dutifully reported that retail sales were approximately 7% higher than in 2010.  Therefore, goes the (il-logic), OWS had zero impact.


While hardline Rethuglicrats continued (and turned up the volume for) their disinformation about the Occupy movement, the corporate media dutifully banged a bass drum to entice shoppers to buy even more crap they do not need or really even want.  Sales may have been 7% “higher” than the previous year, but corporate retailers spent multiples more of that percentage on advertising and sales events.

Meanwhile, people noticed members of the movement at many area malls.  Shoppers who were exposed to Occupiers on Buy Nothing Day were puzzled that members of the movement did not appear to be the “dirty…

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