Americans must be stoopid

In General Information on January 6, 2013 at 4:30 pm


I’ve entirely stopped using the word ‘congress’ when referring to the infestation thriving under the Puzzle Dome in Washington. They are degenerates and I will call them what they are.

Only a degenerate believes theft is moral.

According to bantered around figures, the fiscal cliff compromise (AKA: anal rape of taxpayers) will cost a working schmuck earning $25K-50K around $579 per year more in imperial tribute. That comes to about $11 per week less with which the schmuck will have to feed, house, clothe, and medicate his wife and urchins.

The schmuck dutifully purchased a thrifty automobile. Every week, the schmuck buys an average of 6-gallons of gasoline for his schmuck-mobile. The average price for a gallon of gas is $3.25 paid to ‘Big Oil’. As a result, the schmuck ponies up $19.50 each week for gasoline with which to drive his sorry ass to his sorry job and to convey his schmucklings to public skool.

Let’s consider the weekly amount of increased imperial tribute cost as though it were gasoline for the schmuck-mobile. Add $19.50 and $11.00 to get…$30.50. The schmuck still buys only six gallons of gasoline per week for the mighty schmuck-mobile. The new average cost per gallon for the schmuck?

Gas now costs $5.08 per gallon…$1.83 more per gallon than before the compromise.

And the schmuck doesn’t even get the gas.

Can you imagine the outrage if ‘Big Oil’ suddenly decided to raise gasoline prices $1.83 per gallon?

Bill (Folders Full of Women) Clinton was right. Americans are too stupid to do basic mathematics.

But the degenerates can.



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