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In Intro to Libertarianism on January 7, 2013 at 4:55 pm

51KMR61Z60L._SL300_If you had access to a free university, would you sit in on its classes? Dr. LaBaume is giving Flyover Press readers a select synopsis of Murray Rothbard’s The Ethics of Liberty.

This is good stuff. It’s so good that I’ve decided to run it as a series. Just come back to this page (or click on a coming hotlink) to take your seat in LaBaume’s online classroom.

He and I have been involved in bunches of offline discussions. I usually pose questions and challenges from my own ignorance or from the position of devil’s advocate. Sometimes, my contributions come from often-heard statist rebuttals to libertarian principles.

The concepts taught can get like B’rer Rabbit’s tar baby if you struggle. That’s okay. If you’ve stuck with me for the past few years, you’re up to the challenge.

The best way to appreciate the material is to have some ready references at hand as you follow along. A bookmark to the von Mises Institute can be helpful if you need additional resources as the class progresses.

Today’s first installment is found here (if the links are broken, just cut and paste them into your browser):

Be sure to scroll down to the comments for the discussion as it progresses. Just go back to the article hotlink for discussion updates as soon as they are published by Flyover Press.

Better yet, why not just put on an asbestos suit and subscribe? Asbestos suit? Yep, this is hot stuff.

The next installment is found here:

From 8 January:

From 9 January:

From 10 January:

From 11 January:


  1. Well, looks like I’m committed. But, as Franklin once said, “We should all hang together or else we are sure to hang separately.

    On of my FOP readers asked me the other day, “How are you staying out of jail?” I replied that Lew Rockwell was my my canary. When they come for old Lew, I’m outta here.

    I told Smokey that but he said he was watching me. So, maybe it will end up snowballing and we’ll leave a vacuum on the place. What will they do then for food stamps and free condoms? Sigh…

    Thanks big all you do.

    Yours for freedom in our lifetimes.


  2. For readers having an interest in early Irish Law (9 January installment), poke around Wikipedia on the subject. It’s a good way to spend a few hours and you’ll get a chance to look at the parallels Dr. LaBaume summarizes from Rothbard’s work. PD

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