No, I’m not abandoning (libertarian) socialism

In General Information, Intro to Libertarianism on January 11, 2013 at 12:10 pm

“Justin” was getting worried about the direction Phyne Dyning appeared to be headed and took time to send me an email detailing his concerns:


“What’s going on? You’ve been promoting libertarian socialism all along and now you’re running anarcho-capitalist material. What gives? It seems a little schizophrenic.”

No, Justin, I’ve not (yet) totally lost my mind. I’m running anarcho-capitalist material for its libertarian content. My preference remains strong for voluntary (libertarian) cooperative economics. I’m putting together a series of essays on libertarian socialism and it will run (hopefully) in the near future. In the meantime, I hope you’ll read the anarcho-capitalist material. There’s a wealth of information in there on self-ownership. If you carefully digest the writings of Rothbard and von Mises, you will see the similarities between libertarian socialism and anarcho-capitalism. That’s not a bad thing.

That said…

I agree with Chomsky when he summarized Von Humbolt on human nature: “Man is born to inquire and create, and when a man or child chooses to inquire or create out of free choice, then he becomes in his own terms an artist rather than a tool of production or a well-trained parrot.” It is my opinion that capitalism creates the fastest highway to creating state and that Rudolf Rocker was 100% correct in his observation that “Democracy with its motto of “equality of all citizens before the law’ and (classical) liberalism with its ‘right of man over his own person’ would both be shipwrecked on the realities of the capitalistic form”.

We have already achieved two of Fourier’s Emancipatory Steps. We have progressed to make serfs out of slaves and then made wage-earners out of serfs. We have yet to turn the proletariat into free men “…by eliminating the commodity character of labor, ending wage-slavery, and bringing commercial, industrial, and financial institutions under democratic control”.

Simon Linguet summarized the problem where (in the ‘free-market’ of anarcho-capitalism) “It is want that drags them to those markets where they await masters who will do them the kindness of buying them. It is want that compels them to go down on their knees to the rich man in order to get from him, permission to enrich him.”

I believe that the capitalists can build a libertarian society. But I don’t think it would endure as well as a libertarian socialist one. Someone always eventually equates quantity of possessions with suitability to rule or control over a scarce resource creates authority over another.

Keep reading, Justin.


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