PD Expounds: Curbside death penalties, US gets better with drones, Concealed carry as a totem

In Editorial on February 20, 2013 at 2:49 pm

It’s been some time since we sat down and talked about ‘stuff’. Go get a beverage (I’ll wait.). Then come back and take a seat in the gallery, for the Phyne Dyner is about to hold forth.

Burn, you guilty bastards…

In his book exploring forgiveness and justice, The Sunflower, Simon Wiesenthal recounts how a dying SS officer confessed to him, his role in murdering a large group of Jews by forcing them into a building and setting it afire. The officer wanted Wiesenthal’s forgiveness, as a Jew, before he died.

He got none.

The SS officer’s crime was horrible, but it is becoming the American standard of justice.

Photo: Eddie Adams

Photo: Eddie Adams

Remember the infamous photograph of the Saigon police chief, Major General Nguyễn Ngọc Loan, as he executed a suspected Viet Cong operator, Nguyễn Văn Lém without trial?

We used to be horrified by those injustices. Today, Americans are singing Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better.

The Branch Davidian cult of Waco, Texas got no trial. Neither did the paleo-anarchists in Philadelphia’s MOVE ‘compound’. And, most recently, alleged cop-killer Christopher Dorner was denied his right to be judged by a jury of his peers. Those are just the higher profile examples. Almost every day, a criminal suspect is meted out a curbside execution by an American police officer.

Unlike in previous police states, the American press does not parrot the cliché line, “He was shot while trying to escape.” The pass-phrase today is, “He was shot because of concerns for officer safety.”

I presume that a statue portraying the noble “Officer Safety” will be erected as soon as they melt down the obsolete ones of Lady Justice.

Berserk Insane Madbomber claims he has the right to decide an American citizen is a ‘terrorist’ and that he may order him/her to be vaporized in a drone attack. Treason, it is argued, carries the death penalty. Surely, a crime of such severity deserves a trial. A just society does not allow for guilt to be established in secret courts or by executive order.

Besides, isn’t justice one of the freedoms we are told ‘they’ (fill in the blank with almost anyone) hate us for?

At home, a police mob howls, “burn the muther-fcker out”, surrounds the suspect’s lair, and torches it. In a just society, the most heinous murderer deserves a public trial.

Injustice is expedient and cost-efficient. Forgiveness isn’t cheap.

I fear that many American leaders, police, and military personnel, in their final hour, will find themselves similarly situated to the dying SS officer: Begging for forgiveness…

…and getting none.

It is the only justice their victims will receive.

The State of the Union…droned on…and on…

Sandy Hook became a synonym for mass killing. Twenty-six souls took flight during the killer’s rampage.

According to an Associated Press story released yesterday, that’s exactly one hundred fewer than the number of Afghan civilians killed by Murican drones last year.

Photo: SF Chronical

Photo: SF Chronical

But there’s good news too.

When compared to 2011 death tolls, Berserk Insane Madbomber’s war on peace resulted in half the number of dead civilians in 2012.

I doubt the latest figure is much comfort to the families of the one hundred and twenty-six dead ones from 2012.

For your consideration: If each of the dead civilians was survived by only four more Afghans, each…it probably means there are now at least five hundred more Afghans who ‘hate us for our freedom’.

See, we’re winning the war on terror.

Carry on…

I’m not a big fan of concealed carry laws. It bears repeating that, if I truly felt a need, I would carry whatever hand-cannon I fancy without much consideration for the law.

I have no quarrel with people who have a lower threshold of fear and sincerely believe that to carry a concealed handgun is to be prepared. I admit it is possible that armed banditos lurk behind the frozen carrots at the supermarket.

“If you ever need a gun, you’d be glad to have one.”

Fair enough.

But let’s not go ‘out there’ without fully preparing.

In addition to your concealed handgun, take along a fire extinguisher wherever you go. Like armed ambushes by evildoers among the frozen foods, fires can break out anywhere. When it does, it would be nice to have a fire

Photo: Kidde

Photo: Kidde

extinguisher…say, a twenty-pound dry chemical version. That would have real fire stopping power.

Let’s be honest here. Carrying a gun has little to do with ‘safety’ or ‘being prepared’. If that were true, concealed carry advocates would heed my admonishment to pack around a fire extinguisher as well…along with a rope, an inflatable raft, distress flares, etc.

The truth is, carrying a gun has more to do with living in denial of the reality of your slavery.

Bearing arms evokes images of independence, freedom, and self-reliance. Slaves have almost always been prohibited from carrying weapons (unless doing so served the master’s purpose). Despite the reality that Muricans are indeed slaves, being allowed to carry a firearm, outside of service to the master, gives the slave some illusion that he is free. The cruelest irony is that slaves bearing concealed arms by permit deny the fact that they had to beg for permission to carry their freedom totem.

And therein is the inciter of strong emotions among gun owners and people who dutifully line up to fill out forms begging for the state to honor their natural right to defend their lives.

To strip away the gun is to strip away the last illusion that they are free. The gun is a slave’s totem for freedom and this explains the religious fervor displayed by gun owners whenever their totem is threatened with confiscation.

The concealed handgun is not a phallic substitute. It’s a child’s stuffed toy in a dark bedroom. As long as you cling to your ‘Teddy’, everything is okay and you are free.

The state confiscates a portion of your wealth before you even see it, it can conscript your children to die in its legions, it tells you what substances you may put into your body, it defines who you may marry, and it manipulates commerce to its own purposes. Without as much as a ‘by your leave’ you become bound to obey it simply by an accident of birth.

You’re not free and your concealed freedom totem doesn’t make you less of a slave. It just makes it easier to deny the reality of your bondage.


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